Cascada Elysiana

Hello Volunteers! We are an Eco-Lodge, Retreat Centre & Waterfall Park in the making. We opened in July of 2018 and are looking for your help. We have hours of lovely mountain jungle hiking, and lots of water to play in, featuring an amazing private waterfall on site. In the future, we will operate more and more as a retreat center, and the atmosphere we seek to create with our staff and volunteers is a balance between feeling productive and peaceful, promoting reflection and personal growth. We seek to foster a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment. This is a wonderful opportunity (for us all) to practice and learn from each other, notably (but not limited to) English, Spanish and French. Our Organic Master Gardener and builders are all Tico (local) and Spanish-only, and any of the interactions you have with locals in San Juan will be in Spanish and Cascada Elysiana itself is officially bi-lingual.

Currently we have 2 owners (one is normally here at a time), 1 manager, and about 10 volunteers. We treat our group as a family, eating together, cleaning up after meals together, learning together, doing interesting activities and living together at our eco lodge. One of our owners, Mak, is a radical honesty trainer. He shares this practice with us each week in a group class that we can all participate in, free of charge. It is a tool the we can use to be more authentic in each moment, be more honest with ourselves, and communicate more honestly with each other.

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