Centrum House Hostel

New hostel in the historical center of Brasov, on the main pedestrian street. Everything is 2 minutes far :) We have 12 rooms, 70 beds, a common kitchen (with free basic breakfast). We are in the heart of Romania, and try to find a place in your heart too :)

We're in love with this way of 'living'. New things going on every day, we go with the flow and have fun ! As soon as the job is done we do what we feel like: cooking, hanging out , gather at our bar. We like to be flexible but we can also respect a schedule and each one's needs. We sort it out as long as we see you motivated, full of energy and willing to help without us asking every time :)


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Volunteer in Centrum House Hostel was a great experience. People, there are so nice. Sorina and Joseph are very kind. They are very flexible so is easy to work with them.

2 meses atrás

Sorina respondido

Dear Andrea,
Thank you for all your help, you have so much energy !!
keep it like that and safe travels !


I loved this place! The staff is amazing, really nice people. Sorina and Jozsef are really cool hosts, they always asked if everything was ok and gave me and other volunteers a chance to make our own dinner for some guests. We had a family dinner with them as well. The work is easy, some extra hours when we had big groups. Brasov is pretty and worth seeing. I had a lot of fun here and would love to come back!

4 meses atrás

Sorina respondido

We enjoyed having you around, smiling all the time and helping out every time with pleasure .
Keep smiling and traveling !! hugs


I really had fun at Centrum House Hostel! The staff was new and very cool; the owners were in touch with me all the time and assuring I was feeling well.
It's a big hostel: clean and cosy!! The activities were quite easy to be done and the shifts split in a balanced way.
I also could contribute with my personal skills regarding Training & Developing People - which was nice to me!
The benefits they offered me were surprisely more than I expected and Romania is a fantastic country: parties, mountains, history!!!!
I not only recommend, but I'd like to come back!!!!!

9 meses atrás

Sorina respondido

Dear Renata,

As you said above, we really hope you'll come back visiting us at least if not staying longer !!

We're happy you enjoyed your time here, it was a real pleasure to have you in our hostel and I hope you save many more great experiences!

Sorina and Jozsef


The Centrum House Hostel is a great Hostel. You have a big kitchen and nice bar. The rooms are big and comfortable. Seba from the recepction was always helpful. Brasov is a beautiful city, you have the mountains just five minutes from the Hostel and the work is easy, so you always have time to do what you want in your day.

10 meses atrás

Sorina respondido

Thank you for your feedback, Lothar! Even if it was low season we hope you had a good time in our hostel and the beautiful city of Brasov! Best of luck with everything


The time that i spended in Brasov was a great experience.
The hostel its a very good hostel to work, but still need to develop a better system for work and team.The hours are fair, the work is easy, flexible, and you will have time to see some beautiful cities. If you have previous experience and have a good attitude i recommend it to have a real experience, not a perfect one.

10 meses atrás

Sorina respondido

Dear Hanna,
Thank you for your feedback, we will take into consideration the suggestion and hopefully next time you visit us we surprise you with some improvements!

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