Coins for Change Vietnam

Our organization is a perfect fit for volunteers who want to travel sustainably while making a positive impact on the communities that they visit. When you volunteer with us, we provide accommodation and meals, as well as a fulfilling experience. By teaching Vietnamese children English, you are opening innumerable doors and opportunities for their futures. For some children, your efforts will help them break out of the cycle of poverty that their family has been stuck in. However, your social impact goes even beyond improving the lives of your students. Because of our unique non-profit model, we are able to generate funding from matching our international English teaching volunteers to our partner locations. We are then able to use those funds to run our Empowerment Plan programs, which are targeted towards helping our women beneficiaries. Our programs provide free mental health support, vocational training, and business support to single mothers and ethnic minority women in Vietnam. So if you want to explore Vietnam and experience its culture while also benefiting this beautiful country and its people, please reach out to us!

We have an English-speaking team on ground here in Vietnam that is prepared to help our volunteers with the application process, visa process, and any other issues that may arise during your time here. We are easily accessible and are dedicated to supporting our amazing volunteers!

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