COPROT Tortugas de Osa

An amazing opportunity to spend time on one of the most biodiverse places on earth! Immerse yourself in the areas biodiveristy and get up close to the beaches turtles.

Our staff are all trained biologists from around the world. We take our work seriously but enjoy the Pura Vida style of living. We live communally so eat together, work together and have fun together.

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I really enjoyed my time in Coprot! The accommodation is really nice and cute (except for the WiFi), the activities are fun and the people are amazing :) The only thing that I was confused about was that I felt more like I was being entertained than that I really helped and volunteered but for the rest it was great

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I am so beyond grateful I got to experience this amazing opportunity. In 2 weeks I have made countless lifelong memories, learned so much, and created connections to last a lifetime ❤️ incredible people, incredible place, incredible opportunities. Mariposa camp you have my heart. If you want to experience being fully immersed in nature while helping save the ocean and be surrounded by great people, I couldn’t recommend this experience more.

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I don’t have enough words to describe how incredible COPROT Tortugas de Osa is. I worked here as a volunteer for 3 weeks, but I wish I stayed for longer. In these 3 weeks, I got to work with sea turtles on night patrols, observe hatchlings as they travel from their nests to the sea, transform trash from the beach into home-wear, and take in so much knowledge from all the talented Research Assistants on camp! All the people working on site are amazing. I’m gonna miss you so much, all of you ❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much for this experience!

hace 4 meses

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I had the best time at Rio Oro COPROT, everyone at the camp was amazing and very welcoming. I wish I could stay longer, thank you guys!

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This has been one of the most impactful adventures I’ve ever had. It’s a simple life with absolutely no creature comforts and that may not be for everyone but it was perfect for me! Stepping into the center of an incredible jungle and working hard with like minded people was exactly what I wanted and needed. Every person here was so warm and welcoming and absolutely hilarious. I’m very sad to leave but I know I have to come back again! Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to help make an impact in the world.

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Thank you so much for coming to us, to show your true self and explore beyond the unknown. We can't wait to have you here and soon! We were so happy to have you here and to see you learn, grow and love. in such a magical place.

The tortugas already miss you, and so do we!

Much love from the whole team <3

Much love and always the best wishes.


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