Derrybawn Mountain Field Station

Derrybawn Mountain Village is a collection of houses and lands on the edge of Wicklow Mountains National Park. We are thinking global, but acting local in terms of protecting nature and building an Irish centre for the planet.

I work in the UN, my family help run Derrybawn. I am interested in music, art, craft, making things and travel. Volunteers to Derrybawn can find a nice home, and self-contained, remote but beautiful life for a few months.


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Fue una buena experiencia. Derrybawn es un lugar increíble con mucha naturaleza y paisajes hermosos, no dejes de conocerlo si pasas por Irlanda. En cuanto al trabajo consideró que debas de tener en cuenta que es un trabajo duro a cambio de muy pocas cosas. Andrew es una buena persona que te ayudará en lo que necesites. Recomiendo que tengas clara las condiciones.


Andrew respondido

Thanks so much Vanina for all your help. Welcome back again ANY time.



Nuestra experiencia en Derrybawn fue hermosa. Andrew es una gran persona nos atendió muy bien y siempre estuvo a disposición para lo que necesitaremos.
Pudimos conocer varios lugares de Wicklow, paisajes, lagos, montañas, etc. paisajes por los que te recomendaría mil veces la experiencia allí. Vale la pena!
Si estas buscando aprender ingles es una buena idea ya que Andrew es un excelente profesor.


Andrew respondido

Felipe is an incredible guy- and a great barbecue chef - so throw lots of parties when he is around= dont hesitate to host him.
He will show up.



I was delighted with the region and the people. Andrew is a very calm person and left me totally at ease to carry out my tasks. The structure of the farm is exactly as expected, I felt satisfied. For people who like the tranquility of nature and beautiful scenery, this is the perfect place.


Andrew respondido

Danilo is an outstanding person, hardworking, and honest.



Host Andrew is a great person, makes the environment even better, he is very patient to be able to help you with daily tasks and in your English. The job is pretty cool, but be prepared. Here is an incredible experience that everyone has to do, mainly because the place here and the surroundings are beautiful.


Andrew respondido

Do not hesitate to host Renan, a wonderful guy, and very knowledge, experienced, honest and flexible.
He gets things done.

France, Metropolitan


I would not recommand volunteering at Derrybawn.
- No heating at all: don't go in the winter!
- Kitchen often closed with no alternative.
- Some rooms locked without notice.
- if you come here as a web developer, you'll never do it.
- Moved a lot of things around for no reason.
- painting a cabin with damaged and rotten planks without replacing the planks!
-Wood work, but with no wood storage. We asked to repair the wood store roof without avail. Wood is the only source of heat!
- No prioritisation and confusing orders.

Andrew is a nice guy, but not organized enough for volunteers.


Andrew respondido

Thanks Hugo,
great having you and thanks for the your inputs,

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando


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