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Hello, I’m Davier! After a long career in education, traveling abroad and living the past 4 years in Asia, I moved to Los Cabos to launch my dream of opening a hostel.

Baja California Sur and Los Cabos is a booming tourist and traveler destination, though much of the region’s focus has been luxury and resort-style accommodations. Yet San José del Cabo is a cornerstone of regional arts, history and culture. Here are some things you should consider about our location...

Culture: San José del Cabo is oozing with galleries, coffee shops, murals, artisan stores, and bars. Despite Cabo’s high tourism, the city still has a local vibe. You’ll get many opportunities to connect with locals, support small businesses, eat street food, and explore historical landmarks. There are many fun hilly roads worth winding through to explore the neighborhoods.

Nature: Cabo is perhaps best known for its natural beauties. You’ll be able to surf, go whale watching, hang at the beach, hike the stunning Sonoran desert, and snorkel in one of the largest reefs in the Americas. The nearest beach is a 20-minute walk from the guesthouse. There are other nearby places worth exploring, such as Cabo San Lucas (infamous for its booming nightlife and party culture), Cabo Pulmo National Park, La Paz (arguably has the best beaches in the region) and Todos Santos, which is one of México’s “pueblos mágicos.”

Language exchange: We are fully bilingual in English and Spanish. I also speak beginner’s level Mandarin Chinese. As usual in hostels, you'll hear multiple languages being spoken.

Community: Much of what we can offer also comes from the richness within our volunteers and friends. We would love to create opportunities for yoga, meditation, dance, music, exercise, drag, writing workshops, intentional chats, baking, film nights, and more. The possibilities are endless with creativity and intention.

Two essential questions we invite you to explore through the hostel are: “What is Baja culture,” and “how do we as travelers participate in the region in more sustainable and immersive ways?” Aspects that make our hostel unique are that we also have a barber onsite, and we intentionally involve locals and partner with community organizations so guests meet "choyeros" (people from Cabo). We welcome your help running the hostel, such as helping guests check in/out, clean, and general help throughout the house. We also welcome specialized help, such as social media and marketing, tour guides, and people who are handy (carpentry, plumbing, etc.). We are looking for volunteers who are friendly, adaptable, and responsible. Got additional skills that would be helpful? Let us know. We are still a relatively new hostel, so we need volunteers who are adaptable, very responsible, and friendly. Specific volunteer duties will vary according to each role. All volunteers are expected to help nurture a friendly, cozy, and kind environment for guests, other volunteers, and community visitors. Let's all enjoy our time together! :) We will consider everyone, but strongly prefer volunteers who are at least 21 years old, and those who can stay for at least one month. If you are primarily looking to party, we may not be the right place for you. Also, we have a sweet orange tabby cat named Nopal.

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San Jose and Desert heart will always be a special place to me. It was a great volunteer experience. If you’re not a Spanish speaker, don’t worry Abel, the manager
Or your coworkers guests will help you (Davi has good eye for good people). It’s a small hostel with plenty of opportunity to connect. Everything you need will be within walking distance; beach, groceries, restaurants, etc. The hostel is right in the centre of the city but it still maintains a lowkey and tranquil vibe. There’s a great community in San Jose, it’s easy to feel at home. Reach out if you have any questions :)

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Davier has created such a beautiful space and community in the heart of SJDC! The guests that came in and out of the hostel are some of the coolest people I had the chance to cross paths with, and I’m so grateful Davi was able to give me the chance to be apart of it. The work was very reasonable and I think if you’re able to immerse yourself in the team of volunteers, you’re bound to have a good time 🇲🇽

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This was my first volunteer experience and it was just amazing! Davier is such a kind and funny person. The job is very straightforward and fun with a 5 hours shift each day with two days off (usually in a row).
If you are undecided whether to go or not, make yourself a favour and apply…you won’t regret it at all!

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Thank you so much for the experience and friendship, Davier is an excellent human being and i wish him the best, he has a beautigul project and Abel, the best manager ever, he became my friend and little brother, both nade me feel in home and an importan part of this amazing hostel, i will miss every morning and time. Thank you, you are the real corazon del desierto.

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Davier and the team were so amazing! Im so glad I stayed at Desert Heart. I painted 4 small murals and 1 large one in those 3 weeks. The room was a shared staff room but was plenty comfortable and clean. The kitchen was well stocked with spices and had space for my groceries. The weekly food stipend was 200 pesos (13 USD) and if you budget correctly and only buy groceries, it can go a little while. The work itself was easy and very clear. Everyone was kind and I had so so much free time. I met so many nice people and would highly suggest to others!

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