Dilts Foundation

“Give The Kids A Chance”, as our tagline is aim to help the children to receive as many experience as they could get. Having people sharing about their cultures or their life experience help the children broaden their knowledge to achieve their dreams.

Dilts Foundation is a local social foundation runs for health and education for low income family background. One of our education program is providing a learning centre where the children can learn, play or read a book. The children that go to Dilts are aged between 7 - 18 years old. The volunteers will help the children learning English, math and some sports.. Sometimes, our activity will be conducted outside the centre or doing some social projects. More about Dilts Foundation you can go to www.diltsfoundation.or.id

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My cousin and I volunteered at Dilts giving english and yoga classes, and it was amazing! The kids are so loving and they really want to learn. Bayu, the host, helps with literally anything that you need, he will take you to do sightseeing and all. Jakarta is a hard city to move around, but Bayu helps!
Go give some love to this amazing kids and receive a lot of love back !




This was my first experience as a Worldpacker and volunteer and dilts made it absolutely amazing. All the staff is very friendly and happy to assist you during the class. The children are lovely, very keen to learn new things. Bayu is a great host and friend, very easy going. He made me feel welcomed from the start and I really enjoyed walking around the city with him. I've found a big family in south Jakarta and i look forward to see them again. I couldn't recommend dilts enough!


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Volunteering at the Dilts foundation was an amazing experience. I learned so much teaching the kids. Bayu was an amazing host and friend. He was so helpful and kind. I would highly recommend Dilts to anyone on Worldpackers!




Mi primera experiencia y la pase increíble , Gracias Dilts por hacer mi estadía maravillosa, disfrute mucho de los niños y los recuerdo con mucho cariño y fue una experiencia única que la recomendó mucho.




If you are stopping by Jakarta and looking to make an impact on other people’s life you should apply to Dilts! By the day I had to say good bye to the kids I was already missing them! 2 weeks went by fast but I learned more than what I taught them. They taught me that you don’t need to have everything to be happy and enjoy life. Every smile and thank you are just priceless!

Thank you Bayu for all those memories, jokes, helping me with anything I need and for making me feel like home. You were literally like a big brother!

So ... what are you waiting to make an impacting on those kids?


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