Earthship Quinta De Prazeres

I give lots of freedom in the task choice and in general... I would like people to wanty to help, not because they have to. There are lots of local festivals in the summer, and volunteers can come with me.

My 6 years old daughter and me are living now in the Earthship we built. We built a self-sustainable Earthship building starting from an existing stone ruin and a team of volunteers, supervised by Michael Reynolds & carried out by a group of experienced European Earthship builders. At the moment still need plenty of help to finish the build, interior and exterior, and learning a lot about Earthship as a result. Also a lot of stuff to do in the garden. We built a raised beds system with water flowing around each bed. There is a lot to improve there and in other areas of the land. Lots of potential. I always ask the volunteers what they want to do, as there are so many missions they can choose from.. each one is working where he likes the most, garden, house, and the specific mission he'll want.

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My friend and I had a great time at Quinta de Prazeres. We couldn't meet Noya because she was on holidays, but her friends in charge were really nice.
During the week we spent there we had enough time to work, rest, meet new people and even visit some nearby towns.
It was a good experience!

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Gostei muito de estar ali e conhecer este espaço e poder contribuir um pouco, pena que o tempo também não pode ser tão extenso e alguns contratempos climáticos, mas valeu a experiência!!! Passei Momentos muito especiais!!! Gratidão =)

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