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We love to do everything togethe at Ecopark Elena. It is a comunity in which the individuality is well accepted and respected. We have a lot of fun, we have a lot of free time depending of the season, AND A LOT OF WORK in different areas. We travel around together, create events. We spent a lot of time in the nature! We love pushing the limits and challenge ourselves! We respect nature and create our Now and Future! A lot of interesting people could be meet here, the horse riding is really exciting, we are inspiring team! We are very social, We love meeting new people and have a lot of stories!

We respect each person. We like self dependent people and we respect the individuality of everybody as much as his capacity to become a part of the whole comunity. We do everything with heart and presence, as we believe this is the way something to happen. So we work, live and comunicate openly, honestly and trustfully.

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