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Our priority is to provide local Koreans the exciting opportunity to practice English and exchange culture with volunteers from all over the world! This program not only enables Koreans to use English in an authentic context and in conversation, it also builds bonds and friendships. Getting to know the local people in a new city can create amazing and life-changing experiences and memories and there is no better place to do this than Elounge! Feel free to apply! We are waiting for you :))

This exchange program's main purpose is to help local Koreans having opportunities in practicing their English speaking skills. We will provide a hostel dormitory style accommodation close to our cafe. (15~20 minutes walking distance) You will be sharing the room with fellow volunteers and we have 2 bedrooms with bunk beds, one big living room, toilet and kitchen. Free wifi and utensils for cooking are also provided. Things we provide with accommodation: Free Wi-fi (both at the cafe and dorm) Toilet Shower Washing machine Bed/bedsheets/pillows Other simple living utilities

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I had such a nice time on Elounge and on the apartment. First on Elounge I enjoyed talking with the local students and also made real friend, the stuff and the teachers from the lounge are also very nice :)
Tha apartment is big, comfortable and located on an very good place.

This place will stay on my heart also because on many of the volunteers that I met there 🩷

hace 19 días

France, Metropolitan


I had a fun time at the Elounge cafe! Thanks to this opportunity, I met a lot of Koreans and got to know their culture and way of thinking. I had an awesome time with the volunteers as well, they made me feel welcome from day 1. Thanks again for everything! 🫶🏻

hace 26 días



I had an amazing experience at the cafe, it allows to meet so many people and to learn about Korean culture! The hours of work are not much which leaves you time to explore Seoul and around.
The accomodation is quite big, I met amazing people from all around the world, and I'm very grateful for them and this experience !!

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One of the best experiences I ever had in my life so far, everyone was so nice in the elounge (students, workers, volunteers), would totally repeat!!!
We also have a lot of time for ourselves to really get to know the country, culture and obviously have fun.

hace 1 mes

Estados Unidos


There were a few bumps in the road with the house managers while I was volunteering, but there's a new house manager now. Outside of that, my experience was very good! I met lots of wonderful people at elounge and I honestly would have stayed there longer if I could have!

hace 2 meses

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