This is a non-profit project that wants to create a place of 1.000m² dedicated to 3 main areas: 1/ A socio-cultural centre with various workshops (improv theater, circus, yoga, hacking, community garden, upcycling, innovations, arts... ) 2/ A personal development center (collective intelligence, personal coaching, psycho-genealogy, deep listening, meditation...) 3/ A professional training center on alternative management (for firms essentially) This project is definitely non-profit and we ask ourselves: how to feel richer than people with a lot of money? - Through various workshops, community building, open-minding and collective intelligence... - A place of radical self-expression where you can be yourself without any judgment We are creating it, which means you shall not expect everything perfectly organized or sophisticated as an existing cultural center for several years...

I am 34 years old and initially a French engineer in Climate Change, CEO of a little consulting firm and associate professor at University. I am also teaching entrepreneurship and improv theater. We are looking for people who can help us in many areas, like engineering, architecture, plumbing, handyman, decor, arts... apply and let's see how you can help us make this dream come true! Volunteers from Worldpackers will be staying in a shared dorm in an apartment.

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Jardinería Personal de Mantenimiento Pintura y Decoración Artes

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Un ambiente muy cálido e integrador; muy buen equipo de trabajo y el lugar es muy lindo! Siempre hay actitud positiva y predisposición para hacer las cosas con una sonrisa.. Jean y todos los que conocí, de varios lugares del mundo, son hermosas personas que trabajan en un proyecto social muy bueno ayudando a enriquezar culturalmente a la sociedad y a cada uno que pasa por el voluntariado.
Lo recomiendo totalmente!

1 día atrás


You instantly get a sense of community and feel very welcomed. I loved the diversity. The location is great. I’m vegetarian so the food was fantastic everyone rotated and I got to try many delicious dishes. Jean is such an inspiration and has an amazing vision. I had a short stay so I’m hoping to return some day.

4 días atrás


A really bad experience know Jean and his hypocritical and manipulative way of being with the volunteers. With his mask , pretends to be the ''good vibes boss'', talking about empathy, community life, arts but the only things that really cares and minds is about his own ideas and profit through these masks and comercial and shallow art purpose. When you are not of the way which he is expecting, he starts a psychological pressure on you about how your work is unprofitable to the ''cultural centre''. Moreover, i haven't my safe deposite back (100 EUR) just cause i left 10 days before. Deception

12 días atrás


Since the first moment I felt like I was home. It was my first volunteer work and I'm very inspired to do more, also in my country. I learned soo many useful things, like painting, videomaking, using a drill and installing a climbing wall, leadership, living in a Leave no Trace community.. The space is growing everyday, in a beautiful way, and it's because of people like Jean who started it, and also because of people like us, volunteers. I'm very happy I'm a part of this cultural center's story! Thank you, and see you soon!!

17 días atrás


EnriquezArte fue mi primera experiencia en Worldpackers y estoy sumamente agradecido de haber formado parte del centro cultural. Fueron tres meses cargados de vivencias muy lindas, intensas, con muchos desafíos y un aprendizaje permanente, tanto en el trabajo como también en la vida en comunidad con el resto de los viajeros. Jean, el director, es una persona inspiradora, con muchas ideas y nociones innovadoras para el manejo del grupo de trabajo, lo cual genera un clima armonioso entre los colaboradores. Le deseo lo mejor al proyecto y lo recomiendo sin dudas :)

2 meses atrás

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