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Leave a lasting impression on the lives of some of Tanzania’s most disadvantaged children by assisting with childcare and education in an orphanage. This volunteer program is especially suitable for any volunteers coming from around the world. It is estimated that around 1.4 million Tanzanians are infected with HIV. Furthermore, for every 1,000 births almost 6 women die in childbirth. These factors along with general widespread poverty and minimal state welfare have resulted in an alarmingly high level of orphans and street children in Tanzania. FAHARI TANZANIA works with a number of centers in Arusha that strive to address this issue. There are two main types of orphanages in Tanzania – board orphanages and day orphanages. The word orphanage in Tanzania does not necessarily mean that the children have lost both parents. In fact the majority may have only lost one parent and the single parent cannot afford to raise the child. Boarding orphanages are traditional orphanages where the children permanently reside at the home. These orphanages are typically understaffed and highly overcrowded. At the boarding orphanages, volunteers get involved in the various aspects of caring for the children. From feeding and helping to prepare meals, to organising games and sporting activities, or simply spending time with the children. Volunteering at the boarding orphanages is a highly challenging but extremely rewarding experience. Volunteers must be proactive and energetic as it can get a little chaotic at times with so many children and not enough staff. However, putting a smile on a child’s face and giving them the one-on-one attention they so desperately crave makes all the hard work worthwhile. The children at the boarding orphanages range from toddlers to 14 year-olds. The day orphanages are essentially run as day-care centers. The children attend the center during the day and then return to stay with family, friends or relatives in the afternoon. These children are sent to the day orphanages before they reach school age (from the age of 6 onwards), as their guardians are unable to look after them during the day. The day orphanages are generally quite structured. Volunteers play an active role in the general care of the children. We are looking forward to welcoming you here.

For five years myself and my family have hosted volunteers from many different countries . We love having volunteers here, because not only do they make a huge impact on our community but they enrich our lives. I enjoy matching people with a project that will help them feel fulfilled whilst arranging activities (like safari, mountain trekking and visiting hot springs/massai village) so that they have the best time in our country as possible. We love to show volunteers around the city, and introduce them to our culture and traditions. When we aren't working or exploring I love to learn all about local animals and vegetation, cooking or enjoy a good movie. Welcome! Let's make new friends.

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