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The project is located in a spot called Punta Ganadito - a hidden secret corner of Drake Bay, off-the-beaten-track, with a stellar sunset beach, and surrounded by primary forest reserves, mangroves, sea turtle nesting beaches and waterfalls. The tourist town, Agujitas, is an hour's walk away along the beach or 20 minutes by car, and volunteers get plenty of opportunities to go there. On your free days you can explore round the surrounding foothills and beaches, plus there are local rural tours available and tours to the world-famous Corcovado National Park and the Caño Island marine reserve. Volunteer accommodation is based in an awesome, purpose-built longhouse with bunk rooms, an open-plan kitchen and separate bathroom and laundry block with hot showers. The building even has a cinema screen, sound system, WiFi, and an incredible yoga platform and hammock space in a tower with 360 views of the area! When there are larger groups of volunteers we use our rental houses for volunteer accommodation too, which are very luxurious. Even though Drake Bay is a touristic area, we live and work with Ticos (Rebe and Rob are both Costa Rican nationals) and so volunteers will be immersed in a genuine rural Costa Rican lifestyle. The work activities we have developed for volunteers are focused on learning, science, sustainability and regenerative tourism. You will create regenerative farming inputs and soil, protect nature, generate data and increase biodiversity, so by participating in the program you will leave a positive footprint behind as a genuine ecotourist.

Rebe is a yoga instructor and vegan chef, so you can expect some delicious, plant-based meals with farm-to-table ingredients from the finca. Rob has managed several conservation projects and learnt all of his construction skills and crafts while living here in the Osa Peninsula. Finca Ganadito was born from Rob's vision of creating a model sustainable community, and he will coordinate your work program. Between them, Rebe and Rob have traveled to over 50 countries and worked around the world in many different sectors, so they are also a great source of knowledge and advice for backpackers. They are both bilingual and love to share the experience of living on the edge of the jungle, while also eating healthy food and engaging in wholesome and productive activities that promote positive change in the world.

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Mi primera experiencia como voluntaria no pudo ser mejor. Gracias Rebe, Rob y finca Ganadito por estos días tan bonitos. Agradecida de aportar mi granito de arena a tan hermoso proyecto ecológico.

La comida deliciosa preparada por Rebe, las excelentes charlas de Rob sobre aves y plantas y la compañía de los perritos y los demás voluntarios hicieron mis días increíbles.

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Ha sido mi 1er voluntariado y me ha encantado! En 10 días aprendí sobre la biodiversidad de la zona, agricultura, carpintería, a hacer jabón, comidas típicas...Rob es super buen profesor, y Rebe cocina genial y abundante. Ambos son personas super interesantes y siempre bromeando.

El trabajo se ajusta al horario y yo personalmente lo disfrutaba casi siempre! Por la tarde puedes relajarte en la finca o ir a la playa con los perritos (10 -15mins andando) y te ayudan a organizar actividades en tus días libres

Lo único negativo es que el wifi va regular y que no me pudiese quedar más tiempo!!

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I stayed for 2 weeks at Finca Ganadito and I loved my time here! It felt like such a unique and inspiring place, a place I will never forget! If you are interested in sustainability and nature and would love to experience life in the jungle, away from the rushed life, this is your chance! I learned a lot during my stay and I felt like I had the ultimate Costa Rica experience. Waking up with bird and money sounds, walking with the dogs to the most beautiful beaches and rivers, coming home to the most delicious fresh meals from the best chef Rebe. I would definitely recommend this place!!

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My stay at Finca Ganadito was wonderful. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I’m grateful for getting to be a part of the Finca Ganadito family, Rob and Rebe are the most caring hosts any volunteer could ever ask for. The farm is beautiful and cozy, being surrounded by wildlife. I felt like home when being there.
Working hours are more than fair and tasks that need to be done vary a lot, which means you’ll always be learning something new and never get bored. The way they live at Finca is incredibly sustainable and in harmony with nature — I found it very inspiring.

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I loved being close to the beach and Rob and Rebe were great hosts! The food and accommodations were amazing! Worldpackers lists that the daily fee is $10 a day when it is actually $30. I personally believe that $30 is too high especially when we are also working. The fee goes directly into the farm as soon as you pay even though I was under the impression the fee is for food and accommodations. Many of the tasks are related to the hosts personal projects such as cleaning air bnbs and I would have loved more focus on sustainability and the farm. Overall I 100% recommended this experience!!

hace 3 meses

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