Finca Les Taraioles/El Drago

A unique place, off the grid, but with confort..

We are a little ecological farm project (without commecial interests) with 3 hectares of olives , carobs, some figs and a huge garden. We have happy chicken, because they are free to enjoy the garden and 2 cats. We are orientated to permaculture in the way of Bill Mollison/Dave Holmgren.

Our finca is close to the Parc Natural dels Ports. The parc is located between Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon. There you can hike for days and can enjoy the beauty of the landscape and nature. From our finca you can walk directly to this mountains.

The sea is 25 km away, there you can enjoy e.g. the Ebro Delta and hidden beaches.

We are a maried couple since more than 20 years. Annette is a certified Yoga teacher, course instructor for meditation and Slow Jogging and physiotherapist. She eats vegetarian. Christian studied history and physiotherapy, likes to cook and eats fish and meat sometimes.

We have a Yoga house and there are special offers, if you are interested in learning Yoga and meditation (and Annette is on the finca).> You can train yourself on the trampoline and with the slackline.

Until the end of Sepember we have a pool with a relaxation area, also a room with an integrated cinema and a smoothie bar.
For accomodation we have a new wooden house, heated by wood with a private terrace, a caravan with compost toilet and little outside kitchen, a very nice campsite in a wooden house also with a private terrace with trees surrounding and a tiny home. So there is space, privacy and lots of nature to discover.
When you are on the finca , you are integrated like being a family member. We love to show you the special surroundings e.g. with a picnic, swimming in a river, hiking, taking our drinking water from a natural spring or looking for mushrooms in autumn. You can learn all about the olives (from the harvest to the oil and more products from the olives).

The next village is Xerta, it is 4,5 km away. Tortosa, a charming town, is only 12 km away. July and August there are a lot of festivals, for example this one:
We are now looking more for volunteers to stay for a longer period. Contact us for this.

Please note:

Good command of English is required.

We are really sorry to say this:
Volunteering at our project is only availible for persons with an age over 23

Working hours are depending on the season from 8 a.m or 9 a.m until 1 or 2 p.m from Monday to Friday.

In the week we are normally cooking together - so we are happy to share cooking recipes and exchange experiences.

Only organic shampoo and soap are allowed on the finca. If you do not know where to buy, we can organise this for you.

We are a working on this project for 8 years, most things are done now. But there is always work, in the olives , in the garden and some maintaince. We are working 5 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Normaly from 8:30- 13:30 in Summer and 9:00-2:00 in Winter. Lunch and diner we do together, breakfast is by yourself.


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I am very glad that I was part of the experience and had the chance to meet Chris, Annette and the other volunteers.
They were very respectful, the working hours were respected every time and the general atmosphere was a very warm and welcoming one. I had the chance to learn about off-grid life, learn about sustainability, and also explore the surroundings of the area. I believe volunteering at Finca gives you a great overview of a sustainable life.
I would like to thank Chris for the great food we had every day, Annette for the yoga lessons and generally, for an awesome experience!!

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Christian respondido


You are welcome to visit us again. Also we still have our house in Germany, if you like to see this part of Germany, in a deeper way.

Saludos Chris

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Thank you to Annette and Christian for welcoming onto their finca. It is a beautiful place and was a very enjoyable experience. The work was rewarding and the results were tangible. It was nice to see how they respect the land and the surrounding creatures. I learned a lot and am thankful for this experience! All the best.

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Gracias Annette y Chris por los gratos momentos compartidos.

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The experience was fantastic! We lived in nature, had a comfy place to stay, enjoyed delicious meals, and met people from all over the world.

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Chris and Annette are very helpful people and will make you feel at home right away. Thanks to this experience I learned a lot about gardening and improved my English. Thanks to Annette I discovered yoga😍
If you are looking for a serene and quiet place, far from the city, this is the right place!

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