First German Potatoe Hotel

You love Potatoes and Country Side? Come to our Potatoe Hotel an be wellcome :-)
Once a week we organize a German teacher for your German lessons.
We have a whole house especially for our volunteers. You stay in hotel rooms with multiple beds and get free food and drink in our restaurant. Vegetarian food is not a problem, we have a lot of potatoes ;-)

Our potato hotel has been around for over 30 years. Potato fans from all over the world come to us. Our potato hotel family welcomes you and takes you into our team.


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I would recommend this as your first volunteer experience. People were great, work was as accorded, and I left the place with plans to come back. It is noticeable the help provided by the "workies manager" and the patient of the kitchen ladies with me because I didn't speak practically a word of german. The only thing I can complain about (apart from the lack of sun) is that somedays I had to work under the rain, something that they changed during my stay.
In general, I recommend the potato hotel, it is a good place to meet people and get to know yourself better.

hace 2 días



My experience as a volunteer in a hotel in Germany, taking care of maintenance and housekeeping, was incredibly rewarding. The teamwork atmosphere and the friendly vibe among the staff made each day fantastic. Helping out with the hotel's maintenance while enjoying good times with my colleagues made my volunteering experience the best. The friendly environment and the hotel's commitment to quality made my time there both productive and enjoyable. I highly recommend the experience for those looking for something enriching. It was awesome!

hace 8 días



Come and enjoy! Respectfully and friendly people here (:

hace 10 días

Estados Unidos


I really enjoyed my time! I met lots of wonderful people, connected with nature and learned new skills while working with the Hausmiester. It is a beautiful part of Germany where one can really connect either nature and skill meet travelers from around the world. I stayed almost 2 months and even though it was winter, I found a good amount of activities to do to stay busy.

hace 25 días



The staff is really welcoming the people who work there are all really nice, they give you a nice room to stay in, you can use the Sauna and the bikes, also the german class is very useful and the teacher is committed to your learning.
The hotel often has organization problems, sometimes leading to over hours (they give you hours later), work without proper equipment, sudden changes in schedule and even heavy workload at times. Also even though it includes 3 meals, at times when there's no guests, we wouldn't always get proper breakfast or lunch.

hace 1 mes

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