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This was my favorite experience so far, I felt like family here they treated me so well and it was fun too. Even when you’re working hard here the work is rewarding because you love who you’re working for and feel appreciated

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I love Rome, but I love even more FREEHOSTELS! I felt so lucky to have been accepted to stay here as a volunteer, I arrived as a volunteer but, I found friends and my Italian family forever. Paolo is an amazing boss with a great of humor. Fernanda is a lovely person, always willing to teach and guide you. I can't count the laugh I have shared with Berta, Jasmine, Nao, and Vicky. Certainly the best team ever!

About the tasks, these are easy to do. The environment in the hostel is fun and relaxed, but hey! they are always things to do SO be PROACTIVE!!!. Write me if you have questions :)

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I am so satisfied with my experience. The work was easy, every day I met new people and was constantly talking to new travellers. The atmosphere in the hostel is warm and fun. Paolo is a really kind man, Who made me feel really comfortable. Fernanda is the same, she was always there to ask questions and she made sure that I was ok and enjoying my time. The hostel is a 20 minute walk from the colosseum. And near many metros. It’s a perfect location in my opinion. I stayed in accommodation beside the hostel with afew other girls which I loved. Once again I got to learn about new cultures😊

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All in all I had a good experience here. Fernanda was helpful, the work is easy and the hours are respected. I met people from all around the world and had fun with other volunteers and guests. Still It's not completely as described inWP. The facilities where volunteers stay are poorer than the hostel, 1 bathroom only for 4+ people and sometimes not hot water. You get around 20€ per week for food so just fyi. The location is 5 min walking from the hostel and very close to many places so you get the chance to explore beautiful Rome

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Free hostel , um lugar dentro da história de Roma, é um lugar perfeito para quem quer conhecer tudo andando. Eu tive o prazer de trocar experiências com pessoas incríveis lá. A Fernanda q eu chamo carinhosamente de Fé, o Paulo q eu o chamo de Paulito e o Fernando q é um fofo. Todos muito acolhedores e amáveis. Eu diria uma equipe deliciosa. O trabalho é muito tranquilo de realizar, o horário e cumprido a casa onde ficamos alojados e bem perto, com uma galera massa também. Eu super indico o lugar e a convivências com esses seres lindo. Obrigada a todos❤️❤️❤️🤸

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