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Freedom Center is designed to be a part of heaven - a place where you have the freedom and the courage to be extremely your true self.
The next-door village is a big ski and mountain bike center. Many of our guests stay here for the outdoor sports, including hiking and fishing. July through September are big berry picking opportunities in the woods (mushrooms, too, if you are knowledgable). Our property is on the river called "the light" (Ljusnan) and a mile from the village with grocery store, 3 diners, a gas station, library, indoor pool, church and a few small shops. The town is a 12 minute bus ride away.
Indoor types may enjoy arts and crafts. The property is big with a lot of potential just waiting for creativity to be explored.
I could have added wilderness, snowy, mountain and family to the tags below. We have a play house, tree fort and toys for children.

I am an American raised child of European parents who returned to my mother's native Swedish countryside village to have and share the experience of the heavenly Nordic nature. The Freedom Center concept was a vision I got while still living in NY and working as a psychotherapist, seeing the need to get back into harmonious flow with nature. Everyone here volunteers. We collaborate with neighbours. You make the Freedom Center yours together with the rest of us based on your investment of care into the place .


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The days assisting the Freedom Center were amazing. I learned a lot about Swedish culture and cuisine, and I fell in love with Färila's beautiful forests and lakes. It was the most wonderful experience I'd ever attended. I assisted with gardening, harvesting, mushroom and berry picking, and I enjoyed sharing my country's cuisine, culture, and traditions with the amazing hosts. Mrs. Camilla and Maria were incredibly kind and made me feel at home, and we shared many good moments. It was my pleasure to help. Thank you for the wonderful memories and nice conversations, can't wait to be back!

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I loved my stay at the Freedom Center with Martina and Toste! This was my first Worldpackers experience and I honestly could not have asked for a better first experience. Martina and Toste are incredibly kind and flexible hosts. You pretty much get to decide your own work schedule and take many breaks. They also took a lot of effort to introduce me to Swedish culture, and Martina prepared any traditional Swedish meals because I wanted to try them! They also took us to some nearby towns and villages with even a beach day :) I would strongly recommend this experience to anyone

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I enjoyed my time at Freedom Center. I feel blessed and thankful for the experience, the place and the surrondings immersed in nature. Suna took us around to get to know the area and had us meet her friends. She is very caring. We had a good time sharing meals, our experiences and beliefs, and practise yoga. I loved my bikerides in the woods or to nearby villages, chatting with locals and  connecting with nature.
Every task, from taking care of the vegetable garden to the household chores, was not heavy and with no pressure.
I could practise living in the moment, let go of stress and detach.

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Suna es la mejor 😄, tiene muchas experiencias y conocimientos para compartir, muy divertida y con muy buena energía, me sentí muy cómoda siempre había espacio conversar y aprender. Los días de trabajo comenzaban cada uno preparando su desayuno, luego Suna daba las tareas del día(ella estaba abierta a cambiar si tu deseabas hacer otra cosa), luego el almuerzo y cena nos la íbamos turnando entre todos. El tiempo libre uno podia ir andar en bicicleta o recorrer el sector, Suna también te invita hacer actividades con ella, como ir a nadar al lago o pasear por el sector. Muchas gracias por todo 💞

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Suna is incredible! She is really amazing and made my stay there a perfect experience. She was like a mother, she always were thinking about my wellness, more than a job she was also my friend, she used to hear me, and also supported me emotionally in my projects. I didn’t have boring days, neither bad days. I was very happy to be there, and absolutely I totally recommend her! She made me feel like at home!

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