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By volunteering and living in a refugee camp you will experience from the first hand how the Palestinians live their daily life. You will see the living circumstances in the camp and will have the opportunity to ask about and feel the occupation. You will be in touch with Palestinians all the time, which will give you a different experience then when you come as a tourist. If you want, you can even learn some Arabic from the people.
Volunteering in our cultural organisation shows you a beautiful part of our heritage (debke dance). When we have performances in weddings or other places you will join them and see how they happen.
The Palestinian culture is very hospitable and gives you great chances to join their daily life.
We also provide you with a volunteering certification if you ask one for it.

To have international volunteers here, is a help on his own: for the children of the camp, who almost never left their hometown, it's a joy to meet new foreign people. It gives them a special memory in their life that they will not forget.

You can give workshops from different kinds such as contemporary dance, fitness exercises, yoga, ballet, a traditional dance from your country,... All ideas are welcome!

If you know how to play a music instrument, you can contribute at the training and festivals. Bringing the youngsters in touch with music is from great importance and a stimulation for them to get activated, giving opportunities to the children to develop their skills and seeking their future through music.

Feel free to bring games with you - for example UNO, RISK, TWISTER, cricket, youth-organisation-games to play outside,...: these are very new concepts for the children which will bring joy in their everyday life.

The same if you know about creative crafts: share it with the children. As well as get the skills and creativity out of them: some of them know how to make traditional handwork, how to draw,... It would be beautiful to give them the chance to share it with the group in a workshop, organised by you and us. These are ways to strengthen their self-confidence, which is needed here.

You can help with English classes especially in conversation: speaking English with children, women, adolescents,... is from great value since people don't get often the chance to practice their learned English with a non-Palestinian.

If you have another idea that fits in our goals, you're more welcome to share it.

Women will be hosted with a Palestinian family in Dehisha camp, they will provide you with rooms, showers, a comfortable place to sleep and internet access.
Men will sleep inside the organization itself which provide beds, bathroom, kitchen, internet access with a shower

Our Organization for Society Development for women, youth and children, established as a non-profit organization in Deheisha Refugee Camp, Bethlehem City. An initiative by Palestinian refugees who are struggling to end the injustice of their continued forced displacement. We are using every opportunity to improve the educational services for children and women in Deheisha Refugee Camp as well as promote self-help, responsible leadership and creativity among our participants and volunteers. We do this by gathering the Palestinian youth of the camp together and teach our traditional dance called " Dabkah " We have children groups, girls groups, and the adults boys group which all have performances each month scouring Festivals, events, and Palestinian weddings inside and outside Palestine. We also give English lessons with conversations to be practiced Our mission is to build an artistic Palestinian body, where its members gather to share efforts and ideas to represent our cultural and national concepts and to show the public most of our performances as possible as we can. Other projects which are still waiting to be started are about raising awareness among women in the camp to obtain healthy life style for the families and to develop capabilities of the children and youth, We want also to expand raising awareness to larger geographic areas in Bethlehem City specially villages and other camps.


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For all the people reading this, go, just go and see what is like this amazing people. You ll feel like home, and you have a lot of things to do with the kids.
Evrrything is really safe and fun, the food is great and you ll get to see first hand the real life in palestina. Its a great way of tearing down the walls... Good luck!

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