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We invite you to teach in our English course with a multicultural environment in Jakarta.
We'll accommodate you while you live here. Private bedroom with air conditioner, street foods, touring, local customs, free drinks, and you'll get breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. We also will bring you to interesting places around here.
We're sorry that we don't accept unmarried couples due to Indonesia norms.

We are friendly, nice and warm :) There are also many students that are very cute, I'm sure you wanna see them :D You may ask anything that you need, and we'll try to help you as soon as possible.

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My experience with Golden English was very positive and complete.

The staff was very sweet and kind from the beginning, especially Ocho, Adita, Nico, Aldo and Nafi, who showed me around and gave me awesome insights about Indonesian culture.

The students have a good level and are interested in getting to know, sharing some experiences and asking a lot of questions.

You have your own room with enough space and comfort and the schedule is quite flexible, I also really loved how they will plan some trips for you too.

I 100% recommend this experience, thank you for everything!

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My experience at golden was amazing. The staff were exceptional, especially Ocho, Aisha, & Windi to name but a few. I was able to create a bond with the students who were very friendly and loving towards me and really eager to learn and improve their English speaking skills. I have been really impressed with Golden Kampung Ingriss plus and how they work professionally to provide and improve language skills of students. I will be leaving with a heavy heart and will cherish the memories I had at Golden.

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I had a great time at Golden English, everyone was extremely kind and the students were great!! I visited almost every branch which helped to improve my PPT since I got more ideas after each class! It was also really nice to go around Jakarta and visit museums and sightsee!!

At first I hadn't known I'd be teaching full length classes so I had to drag some things out but it was a good way to get students asking questions since I didn't have enough material haha. I definitely recommend preparing more than you think you'll need and changing it up slightly depending on the age of students!

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I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and highly recommend it to others. As a teacher, I was able to contribute more to the class visits by teaching, which was welcomed by the main teachers. The students were well-behaved and eager to learn, and the hosts were fascinating and helpful. They always asked about my preferences and made sure my stay was comfortable. The hosts even took me on excursions to places in Jakarta, and I went on a memorable trip with the students on my last day. However, the accommodation is a private room in a small, basic house located in a local area in the east of Jakarta

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my 20 days of stay flew by and still cannot assimilate my time spent at golden.
while being there, i got to try lots of local dishes, i also visited many outstanding places and got to experience indonesian culture.

nevertheless, when people ask me what my favourite thing was, i always tell them about the people i met. i’m so grateful for the way you treated me; the teachers, staff and students i met at golden were all endearing and made me feel extremely comfortable the entire time.

terima kasih guys, i’m already missing you :,)

hace 3 meses

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