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We invite you to teach in our English course with a multicultural environment in Jakarta.
We'll accommodate you while you live here. Private bedroom with air conditioner, street foods, touring, local customs, free drinks, and you'll get breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. We also will bring you to interesting places around here.
We're sorry that we don't accept unmarried couples due to Indonesia norms.

We are friendly, nice and warm :) There are also many students that are very cute, I'm sure you wanna see them :D You may ask anything that you need, and we'll try to help you as soon as possible.

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I had a really great experience at Golden English! They are trying really hard to ensure that you are comfortable and if you have any questions you can always reach out to someone. The work was great fun for me. I really enjoyed interacting with the students of all ages, and it was really great to be able to learn so much about Indonesian culture! I was able to have really nice evenings with the students who slept in the same house and I'll miss them dearly. All the students were always very respectful and curious, it was great fun. Special shoutout to Ocho, Agil and Aisha!

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The staff are very kind and helpful! They really do take care of you and do as much as possible to create a balance between teaching and giving you an insight to local life. I was taken on day trips in and around Jakarta. I taught classes of all ages and you are given flexibility with the topics. I asked for guidance on teaching topics and the teachers are very supportive. Be prepared to experience local life and food. Note that it is in a residential district which isn’t very walkable if that’s important to you. I’d recommend the opportunity, very hospitable and a learning experience.

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Golden respondido

Marie is friendly and work well with us. she did a schedule in the class really well and on time . and she did a good preparation too



it was great for one month 🙋🏼‍♂️ I would highly recommend to make that experience. The people are very nice and always try the best that you feel comfortable. You get asked to get out and visit Indonesian culture. Thank you!!

hace 2 meses

Golden respondido

Thank you so much Marvin for being here with us !



This has been such an unforgettable experience! The staff is amazing, they took the best care of me and they are the kindest people I've ever met. They provided delicious food, a clean and comfortable bedroom and support during my stay. They also took me on many trips and showed me Indonesia's beauty. The students are so sweet as well and I definitely learned more from them than they could've ever learnt from me!
The job consists of visiting different classes and having conversations with the students.

I have never felt happier than here and leaving was definitely very heartbreaking!

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This experience was such a beauty. Being able to meet, teach, & interact with so many different students was amazing. The staff was always top tier, & very helpful. I felt at home, & like I had an extended family. The students are always so appreciative and respectful. Although you’re here to help the students and staff, they teach you so much about yourself, & their culture. It’s truly a wonderful experience, & blessing to be apart of Golden English!

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Golden respondido

Thank you so much Markeiyah for being with us.
You are such and amazing person.
You did the volunteering and teaching really well
Enjoy your next journey.
Hope we can meet again next time 🥰

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