Hacienda Colonial Murillo

In 5 years of work with volunteers i transform the Colonial farm from my grandfather in a little paradise. What you can find today is a big community of volunteers ( an average of 15) living in a comfortable, clean and beautiful place. In addition, we have 12 dogs rescued from the streets that live with us and 2 horses, so if you love animals, nature and want to meet people from around the world, this is your place!
The work is varied, im open to all kind of artistic projects and new eco building. Above all, there is a project that I have been postponing for lack of time and money, a project that for me is even more important than the restoration of the house: build a shelter for abandoned dogs. I can not keep seeing so many dogs suffering in the streets, it's something that breaks my heart continuously and frustrates me not being able to do anything.

My name is Luis, I am twenty six years old and three years ago I moved to the Sacred Valley of the Incas to start this new and wonderful adventure: to save from the ruins a very big and very old family property that was abandoned for more than twelve years ( since the death of my grandfather) and turn it into an incredibly beautiful place, into a little paradise on Earth. Save this house from the ruins means a lot to me, because I have a beautiful family and I have always felt that I owe a debt to all of them, because despite my madness, excesses and adolescent rebelliousness, all of them have always trusted me, they have had me as the "spoiled child" of the family and they have given me more love than I have deserved ... so for me this is the perfect way to give back so much love and trust. Also, this house was always in my heart, it is a place where I was very happy during my childhood and from which I keep many beautiful memories.

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I loved the 2 weeks I spent at the Hacienda. The location is tranquil and stunning, with  hills, woodland, and river. The local people and international travellers there became good friends. We laughed a lot and enjoyed Hacienda events in the music room, Pizza nights and even a costume party. I loved that I could spend time in the community but also find quiet places to read or be alone. I loved living around the dogs and still miss them

Luis was a great host. The work was easy and enjoyable. The shower was hot and my bed  was comfortable,

Highly recommended!

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Hacienda Murillo es un lugar maravilloso. El trabajo es muy gratificante y el lugar hermosísimo. Hay un río y un bosque para pasear, animales encantadores y gente increíble.
Durante las comidas se comparte y se disfruta de la buena energía de la Hacienda y de los viajeros que llegan a este lugar. Los días martes se prepara pizza y pisco sour y hay una habitación especial para fiestas, karaoke y tocar música.
La calidad humana de las personas que viven aquí es tremenda, son personas amables, divertidas y siempre dispuestas a ayudar. Sin duda una experiencia bellísima y enriquecedora.

hace 25 días



minha experiência na hacienda foi incrível! pude praticar muito meu inglês com outros voluntarios de todas as partes do mundo e me conectar muito com os cachorrinhos e a natureza. incrível

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My stay in the hacienda Murillo was the best experience. It is so far the only volunteering in which I could meet that many people and create a real community. I had an amazing time there, combining the peaceful connection with nature with social gatherings, and sometimes parties! Luis is very flexible and patient, he is a chill host who loves to do karaoke 🤣 about the work, it’s easy, sometimes physical but we didn’t work a lot. I was doing various stuff, like taking care of the dogs, doing eco construction, daily tasks to maintain the place.
Been there twice and can just recommend it!

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