High Street Hostel

We are in the heart of Edinburgh and staying with us is not only an opportunity to experience the city but it is also an experience to be a part of our hostel family. We are a fresh, new , young team that are very eager to bring a whole new energy to an old and beautiful building.

I am looking for staff that are respectful, easy-going and hard working. We need people who will not only bring a positive vibe to the hostel but also, are able to share their ideas so that we can continue to make this hostel feel even more like a home. See you soon! Selina.


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Great hostel! Great location and nice, relaxed vibe. Big kitchen and lounge a plus.
Great team of volunteers too.

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This was my first volunteer experience and it was really amazing! The volunteers who were with me were just amazing, I made a lot of friends. The managers: Luke and Miguel are respectful, explain what needs to be done clearly, are people willing to answer questions and open to listening to volunteers. As for the accommodation, the common areas are really good. And something I liked is that the working hours are chosen by the volunteer, this is amazing, because it allows you to work at the hostel and still get to know the city that is beautiful. I recommend this experience!

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It has been such a nice experience being at High Street Hostel. I felt like I was at home from the very first day thanks to the rest of the volunteers working there and guests staying at the hostel. Easy work and plenty of free time to enjoy the city and the rest of Scotland. I will for sure recommend this experience. Scotland has exceed my expectations.
Thanks HSH team!!

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