High Street Hostel

We are in the heart of Edinburgh and staying with us is not only an opportunity to experience the city but it is also an experience to be a part of our hostel family.
We are a fresh, new , young team that are very eager to bring a whole new energy to an old and beautiful building.

I am looking for staff that are respectful, easy-going and hard working. We need people who will not only bring a positive vibe to the hostel but also, are able to share their ideas so that we can continue to make this hostel feel even more like a home. See you soon! Selina.

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The HSH was one of my favorite volunteers. That was my first time in Edinburg and Scotland, and I couldn't choose a better place. The work is light and I had time to enjoy the city. I just want to say a grat thank you for all.

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High Street Hostel was my first Worldpackers experience and I loved it!!!! I want to come back. The place is cozy, the people are amazing and you don’t have to work thaaaaaaat much :) it’s pretty fast done and you have a lot of time to spend in Edinburgh. Would always recommend that amazing place!

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The Hostel now is like home to me, one of the best experience I could ever have. Everyone in the Hostel is amazing and so friendly: the other volunteers and the management became a family very fast and are always there to help you and make this place so special. the work hours are just 2 a day so is not that hard and the rest of the time is always well spent in the city or in the hostel lounge!

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High street hostel was my second time volunteering with world packers and I can honestly say I have met the kindest and most interesting people my heart is full of great memories, the role is clear and if you follow the rules there is no issue you need to work 14 hours week only 2 hours a day and that can be a range of tasks at various times that you sign up for and I thought that system was very coordinated, it was hard fitting in at first but the staff there are amazing and worth meeting !! Thankyouuu high street !! Xxx

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HSH is so magical, full of people who truly care about making sure it’s a nice place to be; who inspire you to be your best self and take pride in your contributions to the hostel!! The organization is amazing, managers communicate great with volunteers, and I always felt comfortable asking questions!
Became my home, and was the hardest goodbye! So lucky to have the chance to be a part of something so amazing, and I am eternally grateful for this experience. If you are so lucky to have the opportunity to be here, I can’t recommend it enough, you will meet wonderful people!
Much Love

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