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The volunteers will get the chance to stay with a Nepalese family, live the real Kathmandu life, get to live it as a local, learn about the trekking industry, improve your skills with Social Media and websites, get free tours around Kathmandu, tours around the little villages of the countryside and get discounts if you want to do trekking in Nepal. All of these while hosted with a city and mountain guide. If you want to get the most out of Nepal, come with us and live like a local!

I am a government licensed city and mountain guide, I have my own trekking company and I live with my family in Kathmandu. You will live with us, at your private locked bedroom. You will get all three meals, breakfast and dinner being at home.


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My time staying with Shiva and his family was great. I had really interesting conversations with his 15yo son and him, and learned a lot about Nepalese culture. The baby is adorable, always happy and smiling! His wife cooks great food and is always smiling too. This time will allow you to really immerse in their way of living. You can go on all kinds of tours with Shiva, or if you choose not to, you have a lot of time to yourself to explore the Katmandu valley during the days, taking the local bus. I recommend staying with them! Thank you 😊




Staying with shiva and his wonderful family is definitely a great way to immerse yourself within Nepalese culture. Shiva himself is a kind, patient man who will always strive to answer your questions about anything and everything to the best of his ability. In regards to the work, i personally didn’t need to help shiva out with anything but if you have skills in video making or photography, that would be of great benefit to his trekking company. P.s his wife is a great cook :)




My stay with Shiva and his family was for 9 days, and I loved it so much that it was very hard to leave. I really felt at home and they always took great care of me. Shiva’s wife is an amazing cook, his son is so kind (we spent entire evenings talking together), and the baby is beyond adorable! I was also lucky to go on a tour in The Valley Fringe with Shiva; he is a very easy going, knowledgeable and kind man who is also a great guide! I highly recommend going on a trek with him! Thank you once again to Shiva and his lovely family for having me in their home!




I spent almost two weeks with this friendly family, sharing their home, their costumes and having the pleasure of eating their extraordinary Nepali home food everyday. I felt in peace with them and the days run fast. The city centre is a bus away easy to catch, in the return just ask anyone, which bus to pick because almost every Nepali speaks english. Shiva is very knowledge of Kathmandu and Nepal in general, always ready to explain you more of the country. The city it self is vibrante, full of color and you keep all the time the urge to explore even more and more. In a word was... rewarding.




I’ve spent almost two weeks with Shiva and his family and it’s been great. It is the perfect way to immerse in the nepalese culture and daily life. His wife is an excellent cook, his son very kind...they’ve treated me like family from the first day, they took care of me and I’ve enjoyed the time spent with them: meals, conversations, tours...
Regarding the work, it’s been very flexible so that I could also get to visit around. Thanks for all Shiva and see you soon!!! Namaste


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