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We are a small hostel pet friendly in the northern mountain range of the state of Puebla a perfect place to get in touch with you wild side ,we are a magical town and have a great story behind that dates were the first settlers came years before Christ a place full of gastronomic experiences

We follow the golden rule "Treat others as you wan to be treated " We are very opened minded We have 20 dogs all rescued and 7 cats a couple of them have medical conditions like epilepci and muscle spasm Wich are treaded with natural remedies


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The hosts Omar and Laura were extremely welcoming and kind. The tours were immersive, educational and adventurous and I learnt a lot about the history of Puebla and Xicotepec. The hosts, along with Tony were helpful guides and accompanied me on various trips around the city. There was a slight sanitation issue as the bathroom and bedroom were not the cleanest. Nevertheless I was comfortable and safe. Overall an enriching experience :)

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My friend and I left the WP experience shortly after arrival. In spite of Omars kindness and how helpful he had been all the way the living situation did not meet our expectations. It is a beautiful thing to have rescued so many animals however they were allowed everywhere including countertops in the kitchen and in our room which it took smell off. We talked to Omar about it, he was cool and helped us find a ride onwards. After it all he asked me not to give a bad review but also gave me a ‘no show’ which I felt was unfair given our time and resources spent coming to the hostel.

hace 9 meses

Omar respondido

We do apologize for the no show but it would of asked me for review wich I din't have ,I only saw you guys 15 minutes ,
We did stayed the amount of cats13 and 20 dogs ,and before accepting you guys as volunteers we asked how you'll felt about pets
Having this amount of rescue pets would be inhumane having them cage up
We do feel sorry for the miss understanding of you and simone and not meeting your high expectations, as we mention perhaps this was not for you'll
As we have never had any issues with other volunteers
We hope the rest of you trip around Mexico meets your expectations,



We’ve decided to end our stay after we arrived at the location. The place didn’t quite meet our expectations as we told Omar before leaving.

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La labor que hace Omar con los animales rescatados es destacable y las tareas del voluntariado permiten conocer de una manera increíble Xicotepec de Juárez. Además es una persona amable y atenta. Sin embargo, las condiciones del alojamiento no nos parecieron adecuadas y deberían mejorar mucho en cuanto a limpieza.

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Omar, Laura, Lupita and Thonny were really welcoming and were happy to show me around Xicotepec de Juárez. I also went hiking with their 20 dogs it was amazing, and to the waterfalls, explored the city and nature. They're very proud about their puebla and gave me alot of information about its history.. Volunteering there was not hard at all, I was not asked to do much, except for painting and photography which were the main things I applied for.

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Omar respondido

Having you here was a great experience, seen your interest in our culture made us feel so special.
We wish you a wonderful safe trip.
Stay in touch.

I hope you're doing great, we miss you and wish you a great trip. We hope we can see you again in the future.
With love 💖
Laura Omar and Lupita

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