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Stay with us and you will discover a great experience, new friends and opportunities to grow!! We have common dinners and the atmosphere is great!

We've designed our hostel for backpackers, with a bunch of friendly international staff who will do their absolute best to assist you in any way possible.

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Promotor de Fiestas Mano de Cocina Limpieza Recepción

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Not enough words in any language to describe how amazing my experience was here, made friends for life and had the best time in my now favorite city in Europe. The staff are just the greatest and friendliest, always helped me with any problem I could have had and always taught me how to do whatever I didn't know. The work was easy and always fun, always something to do or people to chill with, I did things I always wanted to do and never more nor less of what I was supposed to. Will remember and miss you forever guys, see you around and don't miss me so much. Cheers mfs, love y'all.

12 días atrás


Best hostel I could have ever worked. Lots of fun and party and friends like family. Work is not hard, most of the tasks is having fun with the guests, but you have to be responsable.

2 meses atrás

Nueva Zelandia

sick place to work, staff are all good cunts . get treated well throughout the company aswell.

3 meses atrás


I met really cool people at hostel one Prague . They know what they are doing since they have been working for ten years , they have two more buildings too. The hostel is very complete for your comfort and also for the guests. I was proud to work there ! They offer daily activities and night ones too for you and the travelers . Don't hetitate hesitate to join this family ! :)

3 meses atrás

Estados Unidos

I went into Hostel One knowing it was a party hostel and knowing that it would be a challenge. I am naturally pretty introverted around people I don't know, but as soon as I walked through the doors, I felt welcomed by all the staff I met. By the time I left I definitely felt more confident and outgoing, which is helpful when you're leading a group of guests to a bar for the night and they've all been pregaming
Expect to go out a lot, and see a lot of sunrises since you'll be walking back as it starts to get light. It's a great chance to meet people from all over, and feel more like a local

3 meses atrás

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