Hotel Wyllandrie

Why choose to volunteer at our place?? We are Fun, Relax, Easy Going and a great team to work with 😊 Also our hotel is in a relax layback area where you can easily hike or ride a bike.

The hotel is at the city border of Ootmarsum, this is a very artistic small city in the area “Twente”. Some places in the area are Almelo (17 KM) Hengelo (24 KM) Enschede (26 KM). Our capital city Amsterdam is at 164 KM distance..

Hi There, I’m Eric, the manager of Hotel Wyllandrie. In 2017 we have started with the exploitation of this beautiful place.. In the years before us the hotel was used as an refugee Centre for 2 years and before this it was an hotel which went bankrupt. At this moment the hotel is being owned by a few occasional investors, just private people who bought the hotel together to avoid it being a housing for migrant workers. This place is just too great for not being a hotel. Due to the point that the investors are not a big investment company but just some “normal” people who invested there savings to buy the place, we try to renovate and run the hotel with low costs and with a helping hand. Together we are making the place great again 😉 So we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who love to join our team and help us running the hotel…

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Hotel Wyllandrie is a quiet place, full of nature around it, the guests are very friendly, usually older people and very respectful. The center of town is very peculiar and beautiful. Eric is a very good host, always attentive to you and your needs and willing to help you. Ester is very good at teaching in the kitchen and I thank Gabriel and Monica for teaching me everything about housekeeping. I thank each and every one of my colleagues because day by day they taught me many things.

hace 9 días



I really liked the experience at the hotel, it was very quiet in my private room near the forest.
The co-workers were very friendly and helped me with everything I needed.

Eric is a very kind person who was always looking out for me. Thanks a lot!!! :)

hace 14 días



My volunteering was incredible, exceeding all expectations, Eric and Esther made me feel really good.

Careful and friendly, they sometimes have delicious desserts, delicious food and comfortable accommodation.

My experience was incredible, the volunteering was cool, the tasks went smoothly and within the agreed time.

Thank you for the experience, a big hug. To the next!

hace 18 días



Incredible experience, the permanent employees of the place Esther, Erick, Simone and Delano are extremely friendly, always interested in helping you. The food is very good, at first the early dinner was strange for me, but I quickly got used to it. I've done several volunteer jobs, but this was the one that provides the best structure and comfort. My work was for breakfast, super easy. I highly recommend

hace 20 días



This is an experience that fulls all expectations, Esther and Eric make you feel welcome and that you don't miss anything during your stay, the task and really reasonably and easy to do, fully recommended!!

hace 1 mes

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