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Why choose to volunteer at our place?? We are Fun, Relax, Easy Going and a great team to work with 😊 Also our hotel is in a relax layback area where you can easily hike or ride a bike. The hotel is at the city border of Ootmarsum, this is a very artistic small city in the area “Twente”. Some places in the area are Almelo (17 KM) Hengelo (24 KM) Enschede (26 KM). Our capital city Amsterdam is at 164 KM distance..

Hi There, I'm Eric we have started a hotel about 1 year ago in the city Ootmarsum, the place was a hotel already in the past but it went bankrupt about 4 years ago and after this bankruptcy here have stayed refugees from all over the world for 2 years. Now we have found a way to take over the place and the hotel is just open again with a few rooms. We are still renovating and there is a lot of work to do and we can use some help with this.. :)


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I spent nearly a month in hotel Wyllandrie, most of the time working in the kitchen. The load highly depended on the amount of guests, however Eric and Esther would alway make sure I was okay. You also have to respect the environment of the hotel outside your shifts.
The food was generally good, but in case you preffer more variety for breakfast/lunch, you can always get anything from the nearby supermarket. The free time I spent enjoying the beautiful Ootmarsum and its surroundings, either by bike or taking a walk.
Overall this experience thought me a lot and I am grateful :) Thank you!




I applied to volunteer for a month. I could only stay 17 days because the staff closed the hotel due to the Coronavirus and forced me to leave. The first week, everything was very good and normal, but when the pandemic started, the guests canceled and the situation became very tense. I fully understand that it was not something expected and we were all distressed, but their decision was “The hotel is going to close, you must leave now” and “Buy a ticket to travel to your country” when the borders were already closed. I do not recommend this place! The staff who run it haven’t heart!




O hotel é grande e tem boa estrutura, tudo muito organizado. O Eric e os funcionários são muito prestativos.
Fiquei no house keeping, com a Beata. No começo é bem difícil, ela não fala inglês, eu só copiava o que ela fazia. Os primeiros dias poderiam ser acompanhados por alguém que fale inglês, evitaria o estresse de ambas as partes. Tudo deu certo, mas não são todos os voluntários que entendem a situação. Poderiam selecionar melhor os voluntários, o último que chegou era completamente sem noção, falava muito besteira e chegamos até a brigar, ele passou dos limites e faltou com respeito.




The hotel experience was exactly immersed in Dutch culture, the food is exactly in keeping with the culture, the work is hard.
Eric is a great person and most people who work at the hotel too, but there are exceptions.




I was the first foreign waitress in the hotel and I had a really nice time, as well as learned a lot. The staff in the hotel are really nice, funny and welcoming. It's an overall beautiful place to visit, specially if you like nature.


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