I Love Goa Dogs

We are a small private tipi village of travellers, friends, volunteers, and orphan animals, and the space is permanently held by Rani.. We help animals in distress on the beach and in the surrounding villages, we have 28 rescue dogs, 10 cats, and various rescue kittens and puppy orphans. Our location is ideal, we are on the banks of a beautiful river next to the beach. It is easy and close to walk to town and nightlife/yoga/restaurants and venues.

Our community is homelike atmosphere of family and friends, and we like people to feel at home and love our place and the animals as we do, and are helpful and prepared to work hard. We give preference to people who have experience in- building, maintenance, driving, to people who have animal care experience, to mechanics and body workers. We prefer long term stayers, and many people have returned to us.

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