JK Horse Training Ground

The farm is located near Eonyang, so it takes about 10 minutes to the next convenience store and about 15 minutes to the next bus station. Since Eonyang is between Busan and Ulsan, you can visit both cities from here and there are also the Yeongnam Alps which you can reach in 15 minutes by foot, if you are interested in hiking. We also have a golfpark nearby and an Amethyst cave, too. And if you are interested in riding and we have enough time we could also teach you.

The owner is Jinkyung and she was riding horses since she was 4 years old and went overseas for training and for international competitions. The workers are not fluent in English, but really nice and helpful, so there will be no problems even though there might be misunderstandings.


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I stayed at JK horsepark for 2 month and overall had a good time the only thing I wish I’d done differently is to learn some more Korean beforehand since many of the workers don’t really speak English. Also I think you might have a bit of a overwhelming start if you have no experience with horses or barnwork but you will get used to it eventually! In exchange for your hard work you get to experience A LOT of authentic Korean cuisine, since we went out to eat most of the time and also did some fun evening activities like golf or karaoke.

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