JustSpeak English Immersion Programs

Hi! We are an not for profit English immersion organisation based in Poznan, Poland. Our target is to raise the level of spoken English throughout the country by way of conversational English programs. Unfortunately, here in Poland the English education system is lacking in terms of teaching practical communicative skills and focuses more on theory. Our idea is to bring participants from countries where English is an official language together with Polish individuals of all ages in a fun, relaxed learning environment. We want to stimulate conversation in a natural fashion on topics that are interesting for each individual with personalized conversation materials. We strive to make learning enjoyable and highlight the fact that learning to converse in English will open the door for many opportunities in future employment and also in recreation. This is an invaluable cultural exchange where every individual will gain new knowledge and make international friends.

We offer you:
-On Adult Programs a single hotel room in a nice hotel outside Poznań. Twin hotel rooms for Adult/Youth and Youth/Junior Programs (you will share a room with a native speaker of the same gender and similar age)
-Only a tourist visa is required but we do not assist with the process of attaining it.
-An afternoon meet up with free lunch and drinks in Poznań the day before the program starts.
-Free transportation from Poznań to and from the venue.
-A reference letter for future employers.

And hopefully an excellent experience meeting people from Poland and all over the world!

What we ask of you:
You simply have to speak English on certain topics with our Polish guests. There will be several different activities every day; these change every hour to keep things fresh. The key thing that we need from you is to stay in "active conversation" mode for most of the day.

We hope to hear from you soon!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not charge Volunteers any fee for registration and participation.

Program dates are as follows :

April 01-02 (Poznan) - Weekend Program
April 29 - May 03 (Poznan) - Adult Group
May 15 -19 (Poznan) - Adult Group
June 05-09 (Poznan) - Adult Group
July 09-14 (Poznan) - Youth&Junior Group
July 16-21 (Poznan) - Adult Group
August 07-11 (Poznan) - Adult Group
August 13-18 (Poznan) - Youth&Junior Group
September 24-29 (Poznan) - Adult Group
October 22-27 (Poznan) - Adult Group
November 26 - December 01 (Poznan) - Adult Group
December 02-03 (Poznan) - Weekend Program

Malgosia and I are two open minded people full of energy. We enjoy socializing, learning new things, meeting new people and improving the English speaking level here in Poland.

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Its always a pleasure to go to JustSpeak English and this time was simply amazing ❤️❤️❤️
I have no words to describe my feelings ,because I am so overwhelmed 🤩
The only thing I could say is "keep up this great spirit" Gosia and Brad (organizer &coordinator).
I would love to come back again 😇

hace 3 meses



Brad was a great guy and very helpful when I arrived at the airport in Poznan, outright cheerful and well organized educational system/institute of learning though in an informal way but very very effective.
I would recommend significantly and also encourage anyone who desires the taste of international symposium to give it a go.

hace 3 meses



A really great experience! Brad and Gosia were really welcoming, and the students as well as the other English speakers were friendly. The program is intense but fun. Overall a great atmosphere, would love to come back!

hace 3 meses

Reino Unido


Excellent, thoroughly enjoyable experience. Engaging programme, definitely recommend this host. Love the location and the students were really great

hace 5 meses

Estados Unidos


This was a great experience! I participated in the youth and junior camp and it was so fun. The kids were amazing as were the other English speakers! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The curriculum was a little outdated and disorganized at time but I would gladly participate again and I'm so sad it's over.

hace 8 meses

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