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The Palk bay & Gulf of Mannar offers umpteen opportunity for exploring the coral reefs, the ghost town of Dhanushkodi & the Ramanathaswami Temple. We first arrived in this region as explorers trying to find secluded beaches, scenic surroundings & all the ingredients that add up to a perfect get-away on mainland India. It was stunning & since then we settled down. Choosing local & earthy material was our priority so we used a mix of coconut thatch, red brick, palm sticks & silver teak. The cottages were fitted with windows and doors procured from the heritage town of Karaikudi which is famous for Chettinad architecture. Each cottage has an ensuite western closet & open to sky shower.

We like to think that the background of your hosts would add to the overall experience of your holiday. Explorers at heart & experienced in working with a mix of travellers our team who reside at this property are a mix of Kayaking guides, Kitesurfing instructors, Standup Paddle boarding guides, Expedition leaders, naturalists & outdoor enthusiasts. This creates an ambience for conversation of travel, cuisine, festivals, adventure, nature & a lot more.

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I could not ask for a better experience, our hosts, the staff and the place are wonderful. Everyone was always happy to teach, and show me their culture, which is amazing.
I enjoyed my tasks, I was able to get my creativity out, I have projects, therefore there was not a set schedule, we always had time to relax, go for a run, to the beach, etc. They are very open to new ideas, and they are very fun to work with.
Food at Kathadi is Delicious!!!
I certainly will miss my new friends at Kathadi North and South :)
Safe Travels!

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I definitely recommend Kathadi North to travelers who want to experience the local food, culture and beauty. Hosts and staff were smart and very profesional. My experience in KN was educational and loads of fun. I just hope to come back one day.

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