Kimchee Haeundae Guesthouse

Here, Kimchee Haeundae Guesthouse is located just 2 minutes walking from the most famous Haeundae beach in Korea. From here you can reach the sea and all the attractions of the city in no time. You can use all our facilities (laundry machine, kitchen, etc.) and free WiFi.

Busan is a vibrant city with many beaches, free concerts, firework shows, festivals, nice local food and a great nightlife scene. There are also great cultural sights to see around the city such as Beomeosa Temple, Gamcheon Village, the UN Memorial, Gwangbokro Fashion Street, Gwang-an beach, Haeundae Beach and etc.

We are energetic, honest, open minded, friendly and easy going as a volunteer staff. We like to hang out together to eat and party sometimes!

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My one and a half months at Kimchee living in the girls dorm were absolutely amazing, from the very beginning people are so welcoming and sweet, I’ve made friends for life.
The only problem I encountered was Jayden being a bit absent as a manager which caused occasional uncertainty and animosity within the group. He did make an effort before I left to set clear instructions though which helped!
During my time here I’ve been so happy and felt very safe. I would recommend it to anyone who is social and wants an eventful traveling experience (as it is a fun party hostel).

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I was at Kimchee for 8wks and it was an ok experience. The owner texts instructions but leaves people to manage themselves, which doesn't work well. It stirs up alot of passive aggressive group chat drama - sometimes irl screaming - not worth the free bed and ramen in my opinion. If he properly hosted/trained people, it could be better. There are pros/cons in every place and if you just want to party while you're there and leave, it's a fun hostel(Haeundae is great) but then I'd recommend staying as a guest instead. I've worked in many hotels/hostels and there are better volunteer places tbh.

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Kimchee guesthouse is great! Party hostel vibes, always busy. The work is simple and doesn't take long at all. The accommodation gets messy because it's 8 girls with lots of stuff in one room but it's not that bad. I recommend it.

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First volunteer experience for me and I’m only left with amazing and fun memories. Jayden and the other volunteers made me feel so welcomed, I really had the best time with everyone. The tasks are very easy and you can finish them in 1-2 hours and you’re done for the day, which leaves you plenty of freetime to do whatever you wish to do. I will definitely come back to Kimchee one day :)

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My experience in Kimchee was much better than I expected! I met some incredible people there, both in the team and among the guests. The work often takes less than two hours (making beds, vacuuming, mopping) and once you know how it works, it's really simple.
Haeundae is a great place to stay. The beach is literally a 5-minute walk away.
Busan is a bustling city, and you can take the subway into the center, to Seomyeon for example, quite easily.
You'll always have something to do or people to make plans with.
If I get the chance to come back to Busan, I'll come here again.

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