Laguna Park Hostel (El Castillo)

Porque es un lugar tranquilo, con buena vibra y sentido de comunidad.
Es una zona segura dentro de un proyecto residencial.
Es ideal para hacer muchas actividades de ocio y para conocer amigos.

Serán tratados con respeto, apelando al sentido de la responsabilidad y la comprensión. La idea es hacer amigos, ayudar a las personas que nos visitar y divertirnos mientras lo hacemos.

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It was a nice experience there’s not a lot of backpacker in general in DR but you still get the chance to meet a lot of people! The work is easy once you understand how to do it and the hours are respected and flexible between the volunteers. The hostel is around 15min walk to the main road in a safe neighborhood. Otherwise it’s easy to get around and visit other city too!

hace 4 días

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i truly loved my experience at el castillo. the hostel is in a very safe and quiet area and all of the guests and staff are wonderful. it is very easy to make new friends in cabarete and the perfect place for new travelers. the work is very manageable and allows a lot of time to explore the area! 10/10 would do again :)

hace 28 días

NELSON respondido

See you next time Mollie. I owe a bottle of rum and wine.



Staying at Castillo was a great experience that I recommend 100%. Nelson and the others volunteers are welcoming and nice, the place is well located close to the main street, and the work is relaxed and pretty easy. Cabarete is a great place to enjoy the beach and to meet locals, and you feel like home after just a few days. It is safe and there is a lot to do if you decide to explore the surroundings. Overall a very nice experience, thank you <3

hace 1 mes

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I loved my time here, it’s very relaxed and the staff are all amazing! The host is very friendly and will listen about any concerns. The town is small but lively and there are so many other beautiful places nearby! It feels very safe, the locals are all welcoming, and the work is not hard at all! I’m insanely grateful for my time at Castillo and I 100% recommend coming here especially for someone looking for their first worldpackers trip.

hace 2 meses



Cabarete is a small city but really welcoming with beautiful beaches! I had a great time at El Castillo, I met new people and enjoyed my days there. The staff is really friendly, always available to help. I highly recommend being a volunteer here, thank you for everything!

hace 3 meses

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