Luminous Meditation Center

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non profit Buddhist Meditation Retreat center with founders from Apple, on beautiful 45 acre of redwood forest with creeks and small waterfall. Only 30 min to the center of Silicon Valley (Apple and Google), 30 min to the beach, and 1 hour to San Francisco. We are a small "startup" and looking for people to help build our retreat center and community while enjoy the nature, learn and practice meditation, meet interesting people, and explore nearby cities in the area include visiting Apple/Google campus, state parks and beach. We only take applications 1 month ahead while we keep a waiting list you can get on at any time. Start dates are around 1st and 15th of each month with minimum of two weeks. We have a work study program for Buddhist meditation practitioners, you can apply for this program if you want to stay for 1 month or longer. Meet very interesting people with diverse background and culture, from US, Europe to China and Tibet. Taste and cook different styles food! If you are interested, we can teach you meditation and Buddhism. Hmm, what about learn high tech and maybe simple coding? Or a new language like Chinese? We are in the early phase of building the retreat center. There are the regular maintenance needed for the 45 acre property with a campground including cleaning and landscaping etc. Also particularly appreciate some help on building deck platform to set up glamping tents and building small meditation retreat huts, you don't need to have special skills but need to do some manual works.

Each volunteer gets their own private glamping tent with bed etc for now. Small hut later and will be shared occupancy. Shared bathroom and kitchen. Washer and dryer (use coins). We provide food, mostly vegetarian, and dedicated volunteer cook or some volunteers take turns to cook. Please bring your own bowl/plate/fork/spoon if possible. We have wifi in the campground for the volunteers. The cell phone reception is pretty good at the entrance area, somewhat weaker down at the campground area. No drugs of any kind (including e-cigs, vaping etc) , entheogenic (psychedelic/hallucinogenic) 'plant medicines' , or tobacco are allowed anywhere on the property. No alcohol is allowed during the stay here for the volunteers. Meditation is the training of the mind to gain insight and wisdom to see the truth so that we can attain freedom from sufferings, exactly the opposite of intoxication and impairment of the mind which in the short term may bring joyful hallucinations but in the longer term be even further away from the truth and causes more and deeper sufferings. We are very strict on these fundamental rules with zero tolerance and we are not equipped to help people to quit addictions.

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