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Kinh Mon is a rural town surrounded by paddy fields, mountains and still untouched by tourism. By joining us you would get the best of both worlds: a chance to immerse yourself in a traditional Vietnamese environment during the week, and to explore tourist landmarks during the weekend. As a matter of fact, Kinh Mon is 2 hours far from main touristic sites: Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and Ha Long Bay, UNESCO World Heritage site. During the weekend we have organized numerous trips with our local Vietnamese staff, our students and the volunteers, which helps bonding and teamwork. MB English Centre is the first educational project of Oxford Omnia International, a nonprofit based in Oxford (UK) and with a branch in Pavia (Italy), so the quality of the project is constantly monitored and evaluated. By joining us, you will acquire a lifetime Oxford Omnia alumni membership and a professional letter of recommendation on request. Who we are Our founders of our school, Elena and Lu, were born in the District of Kinh Mon and adopted at a young age by two Italian families. Elena has an MPhil Degree in International Development from Oxford University and has accumulated expertise in project management of nonprofits work in developing countries; Lu has a Master Degree in Architecture from Turin Polytechnic School and has led the school’s construction work, building on his previous experience with architectural firms. Lu and Elena grew up with the drive of going back to their motherland and giving back to their community. Giving back means using their knowledge and means to inspire and mentor children towards the achievement of their full academic and leadership potential, which will have a positive spillover effect on their communities Please note that due to the volume of application we can accept those who can commit and stay with us for at least one year, as this ensures that our students receive high-quality education and you will gain in-depth professional experience. As a matter of fact, you can be part of developing our open source curriculum and teaching methodology. Please also note that the fee that you see on this website only applies to students and retired people and it does not include food cost. We do not require you to have a TEFL certificate. If you stay with us for one year, we require you to take at least a free foundation TEFL course before you arrive. We suggest taking the one from Coursera, where you can also request to have a certificate of completion for a small fee (30$). Volunteer teacher responsibilities include, but are not limited to: planning, preparing and delivering lessons –the staff will provide monthly, weekly and daily lesson planning templates. The Library on Trello is an ever-growing selection of media, print, games, etc. Volunteers should be prepared to spend time looking through materials online and offline (youtube, FB English teaching groups, ESL internet groups, books, etc) to find activities, games and lessons that fit the need of the particular student population. Every lesson should be derived from a learning objective that helps the students gain some sort of English language ability/skill noted within the CEFR document. Organizing and running special events – There will be many special events . We often hold events to share more information with the community about who we are and what we do here in Kinh Mon. We also hold testing/entrance exams and outreach events, so you will need to host and/or MC these events and plan/lead English speaking activities/games for the students and parents. The volunteers will stay at our International Volunteer House. There are three rooms (one with a double mattress and two rooms with a single bed). The house has a bathroom with a shower and toilet (both are luxuries in the village!). Please keep the space tidy and clean the communal spaces as there will be no cleaning services provided by us. The accommodation site is 10 minutes far from the school. Please note that if you require a private room or an upgraded one like in a Hotel or Guest house, there will be a fee for it. Consider having a look at our institutional video and see what teaching at MB school is all about...a lot of fun! And here are our social media pages where you can have a look at photos of our students and the activities that past volunteers have organized for them

Volunteers will be treated like family. Our past volunteers have organized outdoor movie nights, pizza nights, parties, and many more activities with the staff and the Kinh Mon community. Some volunteers have returned to volunteer with us or also when members of our staff got married!

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