Mellow Hostel

We are a young and dynamic hostel, always keeping the vibes high and MELLOW.
We offer a accommodation and food and a lot of benefits for the work exchange.

We always maintain an international team of local workers and travelling volunteers. We love the cultural exchange and believe that anyone - no matter what gender, culture or age - can contribute positively to our team.


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I loved my stay and volunteering at Mellow. Definitely recommend it. The staff and the other volunteers were great😊
Definitely will come back! Thank you. :)

hace 6 meses

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I ended up leaving a few days early to continue my travels because I was injured, couldn’t surf, and felt exhausted from the work and heat, but if you’re looking for a quaint surf and party town & you’re down to work hard, it’s perfect! Each work shift was 7.5 hours which was quite long–you’ll basically be working full time as lime juicer/busser/dishwasher lol. But you get free surfboard rentals which was awesome! The food was good, the hostel had fun events, & the facilities were okay–it’s super hot and buggy though with no AC. Still, overall a fun experience with cool people!

hace 7 meses

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This wasn’t a good fit for me, but an overall good experience. This position (event manager) is for someone that loves to party and doesn’t want to travel on days off. Management and other staff were awesome. The beach is also pretty nice (great to play volleyball and sunset is stunning). Overall I don’t think the amount of hours is in line with the accommodation/food trade off.

hace 8 meses



I’ve been volunteering at Mellow for 5 weeks now and staying 3 more (keep extending haha). Mellow is such a nice hostel (commun areas, food, showers) but what makes it so special is obviously the lovely staff. I work at the bar, shifts are 7.5 hours long but you always get either the whole morning or afternoon off to go surf, chill by the pool, explore the mangroves or just enjoy the beach. El Paredon is a very fun and beautiful place to live. I will miss it and everyone here all my papis y mamis chulooos<3

hace 9 meses

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Mellow Hostel is hands down the best hostel I’ve ever worked at. This is my 5th experience on Worldpackers and my favorite by far. The hostel is beautiful and the staff are so welcoming. It’s truly a family there. A huge bonus is having the meals including in your experience! I’ve really improved my Spanish while working at mellow! My 4 weeks turned into 6 and now I’ll be working another 3 months officially. (How much I love it) Guatemala is an amazing country and El paredon really is a hidden gem. If you’re thinking about joining the mellow family .. DO IT. You’ll have an amazing experience!

hace 11 meses

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