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We are local Non profit organization located beside the city of Dar es salaam in Mbagala Chamazi village. Our organisation is registered under ministry of culture and social services. Here we have nursery school that provide free education to less fortunate children in the community. In 2020 our nursery school was founded by locals;Jovin and his friends, its small non profit school which offers free education to the less advantaged kids. It started with 9 students who were taught in a small building provided by local family Mama mbili family after only six months number increased to more than 21 kids which cause some of the lesson to be held outdoors. Through fundraising 2021, was possible for the school to move into the large building over 30 students between 2-6 are now being taught. We believe child's future successfully and advancement in life is greatly influenced by their ealy eduction as those who goes to school early develop an interest in education than those who did not.

My name is Jovin 28 years old born and raised in Dar es salaam. I started volunteering mission 3 years ago, when there was large number of children who don't know neither how to write nor reading. Last year more than 26 children from our school got chance to be accepted to join public school. I have been motivated to help community since then because i feel pleasure to make a little changes in my community.


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I had a great time there. The host and everybody around are really kind and the children are great. Would do it again anytime 😋

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