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If you are looking to stay in Buenos Aries for while, live and breathe what the city has to offer, day or night - you should choose our hostel, which is located in the heart of Buenos Aires! . Most of our staff are volunteers that stay around 3 months, so we like for everyone (not just our guests) to feel at home. We all stick together as one big family with a lot of shades. Last but not least, we provide breakfast You should choose our hostel if you're looking to stay for more than a month, if you want to meet new people, socialize, or if you just want to stay around, explore what the city has to offer without spending much.

How can the volunteers expect to be treated? We hope they could be treated as a prisoners so they would NEVER LEAVE US AGAIN! Just kidding, we guess that's enough about us... but, for real, sometimes it gets really hard to say goodbye to our friends. You can expect to be treated as one more member of our family, a very important one. Teamwork and respect are key for all of us to get along and that is exactly how we hope you feel here with us :)


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Me gustó mucho trabajar en el Hostel, Mirlendis es una buena persona, me recibió muy bien, tuve una óptima experiencia. Gracias

9 meses atrás


Recomendó Hostel Fiesta fue muy bien recpcionada por equipo, Mores DUEÑO, Gabi SOCIO, y Mirlendes ENCARGADA, todos son personas muy buena onda, tuve un bueno desenvolvimiento del español, y tambien construir amistades que voy llevar para una vida toda..

Un abrazo,
Thamires Souza.

12 meses atrás


My experience in this hostel is very bad ! The host don't treat you good how one traveling treat you how one slave don't import of you that's sick one not. Very bad person just important is the money and explore the staff. The hostel is normally beautiful terrace , I learning a lot and have many fun but because I make many friends in the hostel working. I don't recommend this hostel , the hosts not comply with contract , you work more hours , and if him find other person say for you go out in 01 week . I never go forget my bad experiencie here and don't want more work in a hostel.

2 años atrás

yuval respondido

When having a receptionist that is owing money to the hostel, his fellow coworkers and guests as well there can be not much consideration towards you. Nor to take the fact that you stole 1000 dollars from a colombian couple who is having a bad time.
Cheating them to wire you money, saying you work at a hostel.
Or your friends, Yus and Marie, who you took 3000 pesos from them, and still didnt even bother on giving back.
We are giving your personal data to the police as well as the people you stole money from.
Hostel Fiesta.


One of the best experience I ever had!

más de 2 años atrás

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando