Moinhos Velhos

We've been running juice detox and yoga programmes for over 30 years and the place is a treasure trove of holistic wellness and natural health knowledge! We have a great sense of community and like to have a high vibration positive outlook, clean living, but fun!

Volunteers are treated like one of the family - we all eat together and share the community experience. But in turn we desire people to show motivation and enthusiasm and see it as more than a job - it's a chance to participate in a beautiful natural environment full of lovely gentle and sensitive people who treat you well!

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Moinhos velhos has been such a transformational experience for me🤍
This land has a very special and strong healing energy, ideal to connect to yourself and your own process.
The tasks are well distributed and organised and the all the facilitators are kind and generous.
Thank you Richard and all the team ! I’ll always love this place 🤍

hace 3 días



This place is amazing! Solid 99%

The hosts are welcoming and very friendly (Richard, Karen, Chris, Ed, Debby, Ivan). They're compromised with spirituality, healthy nutrition, and well-being. So, you will learn a lot and have a great time.

You can join the Yoga and meditation classes, also use the pool and sauna, and use the staff car to visit beautiful beaches near Lagos. The tasks are easy and it helps a lot they are well explained and distributed every week.

Lastly, The volunteers I encountered were phenomenal people! Thank you so much for this experience.

hace 6 días



A beautiful place with lovely, interesting people. The work was fair and varied (loved making juices!) and tasks were communicated clearly :) You'll have lots of time for connecting with nature and yourself. If you're curious, you can learn a lot about conscious living, holistic wellbeing and practices. This month taught me a lot about myself and I'll carry many insights and experiences with me for life. Thank you for having me!

hace 11 días



The great Moinhos Velhos! An amazing spot for Worldpackers.

The tasks are fair and relaxed, the property is beautiful and peaceful; you have a pool and a sauna, shared kitchen and living room, and if you're lucky even a staff car you can use in order to explore the various beaches and hikes in the Algarve. You also have morning yoga and evening meditation you can join when not on duty.

Most important, the permanent staff is charming and very welcoming. Thank you richard, ed, debbi, karen, chris and ivan. Keep spreading good energies and healing people💕


hace 20 días



This place is ideal for balancing work, rest, good food, meeting good people and enjoying the nature of Portugal.

I had a lovely time and was full of different experiences, the people and the food are very abundant and the work is fair with what you get.

I recommend this experience to people who want to have an experience outside the city and those who want to live in a quiet place.

The facilitators and the people who work there are very kind and unique to the volunteers.

I LOVED the experience there.

hace 1 mes

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