Moinhos Velhos

We've been running juice detox and yoga programmes for over 30 years and the place is a treasure trove of holistic wellness and natural health knowledge! We have a great sense of community and like to have a high vibration positive outlook, clean living, but fun!

Volunteers are treated like one of the family - we all eat together and share the community experience. But in turn we desire people to show motivation and enthusiasm and see it as more than a job - it's a chance to participate in a beautiful natural environment full of lovely gentle and sensitive people who treat you well!


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Best experience to learn while feeling like home, would recommend 100% and I hope to come back in the future!

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I am so grateful I had the chance to volunteer at Moinhos Velhos with an amazing team of such interesting people. I was able to explore the Algarve when I had my 2 days off and the team was so inclusive that I had the chance to participate to the meditations and yoga sessions offered by the holistic center. It helped me to find my balance since I had the opportunity to rest in that peaceful and beautiful working environement. When I was working, I had to help with the garden, housekeeping and cook vegan food with the vegetables available from the garden. Good energy, best experience ever

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Really great experience! I would recommend and probably will come back eventually! 5 stars

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It’s an incredible place! Surrounded by nature and tranquility. It's a perfect place to connect with yourself and align with spirituality if that’s what you are looking for. The staff is always well disposed and everyone is very friendly. Especially Karen and Ivan are lovely people and always make you laugh! It is important to know that it is far from the city so keep this in mind when choosing to stay there. Know how to drive a manual car or pay for a car to be able to move around because it is really far away. I had a nice experience! Very thankful for my time with them :)

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Kurt respondido

Hi Sofia, it was lovely having you with us and thank you for your very kind words about us! For future prospective volunteers I'm just going to give some context to how far away we are from Lagos as it's a bit open to interpretation from your review! We about a 15 minute drive from Lagos (14km) and there are buses which run from early morning, about 07.30 with the last one returning about 18.30, however they aren’t very frequent! You do have to walk about 40 mins to get to the bus stop though, or otherwise we have a bike that is available to ride to the stop, or some volunteers use the bike to ride to Lagos. On most days someone from the site will be driving to town at some point, so it’s often possible to catch a ride there (and sometimes also a ride back too, although we can’t guarantee lifts, and it’s usually easier to get there then back) and anyone who wants to stay out late either tends to get an Uber back, particularly if there is a group, or take a trip lasting for a couple of days on days off and stay out. However I think the main point is our retreat definitely suits people who are keen and comfortable to be out in nature and hanging out with the community, it is tricky if you want to go to the town super often as we aren’t really geared up for that. All the best!



The best experience in Moinhos, good vibes, a beautiful place, quiet and connected to nature with a staff of wonderful people always worried if you are ok or need help. Together with the two volunteers we feel at home and part of the community. The work is well organized and on your days off you can get to know more of the surroundings, and also practice yoga, meditation and dance (I loved this class) I can only thank all especially Rich(Kurt) for sharing your wisdom and laughter, I hope come back soon. I wish them all the best. I miss them already.

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