My humble home in Kochi

My flat is quite small, one bed room and a living room. Am needing help with cleaning the place. More than the general cleaning, what i would appreciate is the cleaning into the details. For eg. I have like hundreds of music and movie cd's and its become impossible for me to dust it off every week. Or, clean the ward robe etc.. So be assured, the work that you would be doing is quite simple and 1-2 hours should be enough. Which means you have lots of free time even on a working day. Kochi is the largest city in the beautiful Indian state, Kerala. Kochi is made up of many islands, even if the main city Ernakulam is on the main land, there are many attraction within the nearby islands, like :- - Fort Kochi the historic part is just a 20 minutes ferry boat ride away. A ticket cost you only rs.4 one way. - You can reach the beautiful Cherai beach in a one hour bus ride, means you could visit the beach every day if you want for a swim in the warm water! - I can also take you there on my motorbike as a free tour offer! - You can enjoy a day trip and back to the beautiful backwater region of Alleppey, arguably the most beautiful nature attraction in India. - You can also enjoy a day trip to the famed Athirappally waterfalls. During my travels, I have always enjoyed the talks with locals, their wisdom, emotional support and companionship which helped me change and learn. And am happy to be of same use to any traveller whom I host and as a volunteer you can expect the same too. I would treat you exactly how I would treat a guest or friend. I would treat you like a friend and companion, not like a volunteer. Its important for me that you feel at home. Am an active Couch Surfing host and you can see my profile here at

I am a travel professional and my wife is French, an artist. We are married for more than 13 years now and we are in a marriage with lots of openness and space. She is mostly between France and India with her projects and I take a guest/volunteer only when she is not in home. I have a nice lady cook who come for 2 hours – Monday through Saturday - to cook lunch and dinner (you wont have to bear my cooking). I can make you morning tea, which is not bad I assure you. So You will have home cooked food 6 days a week normally. Food is simple and we might have fish, depending on fresh fish availability, once or twice in a week. Lunch is normally rice with some curries and dinner is mostly some pan cakes or breads made of rice/wheat with some curry. I go for work around 2 pm and is back by 11 pm. So your dinner would be late. You would be going to sleep too, a bit late. You can sleep late for sure. You also can fix your time of work according to your convenience. My flat is located on the 7th floor and there is a lift, but its an old apartment and lift is not guaranteed to work 24 hours, 7 days a week. I Like to discuss Social issues/justice , International affairs and what the perceptions of different cultures are towards the world news. Am curious and enthusiastic about finding out ''what the mainstream media don't tell us''. I practice a strong style of Massage and am glad to do it for my volunteer. . Exercises, especially the complicated ones and I can give tips on exercising Photography - I used to take pictures with film cameras so I can give you good tips on photography Am a football fan. I love the beautiful game and hence love FC Barcelona and Leo Messi. Love watching movies, from around the world. I like indigenous cinema which represents the nation in which it is made, may it be French or Polish or Korean or Turkish. I try to understand a foreign culture through genuine cinema. Dont appreciate much Hollywood & Bollywood.

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