That's a place for travelers to share experiences and memories. In Nazca you can find many surprises, we are located between the sea, the desert and the mountains. A great civilization once lived here and we can learn a lot from the history of Nazca. Is possible to visit: Pyramides, Energetic areas, Momies, Water canals undergound old 2000 years and still working and the enigmatic Nazca lines. We also would love to learn of any unique talents or skills you can contribute. We really appreciate different perspectives and ideas on improving the functionality of our home :) If you want to collaborate with us, please send us a message. We offer lunch, bed, adventure and good vibes! Have an awesome and lovely day!

We are waiting for you to share experiences who permisse us to be everyday better, if you have the same expectation just come =) You can also visit all the attractions in Nazca with us ;) meeting local persons, you can practice spanish and also learn more about peruvian culture! Close of Nazca you have beaches, oasis, desert and is the last place close to Arequipa goind to the south anad Cusco going to the Est, so can be your last opportunity to have cost, then hot, fish and beach


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Incredible! Wonderfull city, hostel and staff!




Definitivamente recomendamos Nanasqa! Desafortunadamente no pudimos conocer al propietario, pero todo fue muy bien. Estuvimos dos semanas muy cómodos. El trabajo era tranquilo y el hostel es nuevo y lindo!


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I arrived at Nanasqa after 17 hours of travelling and was offered a joint before being shown a bed, or being offered a drink or shower. The owner wasn't there, and his friend was in charge who left for Lima the next day, leaving myself and 2 other volunteers in charge of the hostel.

Before I arrived at the hostel I didn't receive a lot of information, and my questions were either unanswered or took days, if not weeks before I got a response on WhatsApp. I left after two days because it was nothing like how it had been advertised on Worldpackers. Maybe it's better when the owner is around.




Nanasqa is the best place to stay in Nasca! Roy, the owner, is a great friend and is always willing to help you out. If you think something can be improved, he is also willing to listen to you and often your suggestions are applied. The hostel is very nice and i really recommend it.




Si quieres vivir la mejor experiencia de tu vida como voluntario NANASQA HOSTEL es para ti!
Muchos llegamos a Nasca queriendo conocer las lineas de las que todos hablan, y seguir nuestro camino, pero cuando te encuentres con el mejor Hostel de toda la ciudad, y conoces a Roy, todo cambia y quieres hacer de Nasca tu nuevo hogar, asi que lo unico malo que podria pasarte es que cambies tus planes y te quedes por un mes o dos viviendo esta experiencia!
Nunca lo olvidare!


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