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Our property is located in untouched nature in the Dinaric Alps. As great lovers of nature and healthy living, we decided to make a house from ecological materials, to engage in permaculture and fight for the preservation of nature and the environment. This year I graduated as a Qi Gong teacher and of course all our guests have the opportunity to learn something about this wonderful method. So by volunteering here you will be seing the nature very closely and also you will get to know about Serbian Language too. Also this place is very close to Mokra Gora which is famous for Sargan Eight Train Ride.

In the culture of our people, hospitality has always been very important and nurtured. Each estate had a "konak" which was a room for a traveler who usually rode a horse or walked. More than 15 years in tourism, working in 5-star hotels and a wide range of work with adults and children helps us to give our guests a unique sense of belonging as a family.


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Este fue mi primer voluntariado y fue genial, Igor y el equipo fueron muy amables desde el día 1, aprendí nuevas cosas en inglés e incluso en serbio y pude practicar el idioma ya que habían voluntarios de todas partes, lo único regular es que en ciertos momentos no había claridad sobre las tareas a realizar durante el día... pero nada grave :)El contacto con la naturaleza y la paz que se respira en el lugar es increíble!!!!

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Well, Igor is a guy with a huge heart and a lot of life experience, he is a person who has A LOT of things to teach and share!
My experience was excellent, schedules were respected and communication was clear at all times!
Every meal is amazing, and you're never left hungry!
In addition to the fact that all meals are eaten together, this is a great way to exchange experiences and connect!
The property is on a mountain with incredible views, many places to walk and waterfalls to visit!
I learned a lot about construction, sustainability and respect for nature.
Thanks so much for all!

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Igor and Marinas house has an incredible view and is very well connected with nature. The work load is not too strenuous and you learn a lot about different types of building techniques. The beds are situated in a tent/shed separated from the main house and the wifi connection does not reach the tent. You also have to use the organic toilet which is situated 30m from the tent. Igor and Marina are both very lovely people and easy to get along with, but Marina can be a little cynical at times. I would definitly do it again if I had the chance!

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It is a beautiful place to work surrounded by nature and gorgeous views. The hosts are friendly and the pick up from the train station is great. The food was also delicious and the working hours felt reasonable with plenty of breaks and flexibility. You get an opportunity to learn about sustainability and building a house. Marina is friendly but can be cynical at times. There’s not a lot to do in the area but overall I had a great time and would recommend working there.

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Igor and Marina are excellent hosts they make you feel right at home, delicious food an always fun company. I have learnt so many skills in construction which has developed my interest further. The surrounding nature will take your breath away and reset you with nature, Igor and marina are always willing to show you around! Communication is very good nothing is left unsaid so there is no bad energy in the air. I truly respect Igor and Marina and wish them the best in life!

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