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We have a small orphanage in Chitwan with 12 children at the moment, but some of them are not completely orphan. Some have step father or mother but all of them are from the deprive family,completely from the rural area like they have never seen any vehicles, television or school. Now they are staying with us and going to school here in the beautiful city Chitwan 145 km far from the Capital city Kathmandu. We provide them quality education, basic needs, good moral lessons and everything needed for daily life. We are trying our best to make them fit in this modern world. And till today's date we are going sole in our mission/goals. We don't have any foreign aids or governmental helps. In country like Nepal we don't have any provision for free education or the care for orphan children. And its very hard to walk alone with 12 children, fulfill their needs. But when we look at their innocent faces, full of new hopes for this world, the smile on their faces which is so true so natural and so pure which inspires us in each and every moment. So we would like to request you to come here and experience something new and special.

Namaste I m rozina .I m from nepal . I already get married so I have 2 children's .now I m in husband's house .My sister and my momdad they take the organization.My sister sge is also student but she totally help the organization... We have children from 4 to 15 years old. They are very happy and kind. We are living like a single big family. You have to adjust here as a part of our family. You can help the children doing their home work, in their textual matters and other stuffs. As we believe in practical knowledge rather than theoretical studies so you can share them anything through which the creativity will be rising up into infinite level. We know they are the bright futures of tomorrows world so we haven't left anything to make them physically, mentally, morally, socially strong to stand on their own foot for future. We are trying our best to make them a capable to adjust in any part of this competitive world with full of eagerness. We are in the toughest way to make them a true human being full of humanity which is the most essential factor in the world but it feels really bad to agree it is disappearing, lets PRESERVE it.

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This was the unique experience. Rozina and her family doing excellent job. Especially, her Mom & Dad cent percent dedicated behind the cause. Children are lovely and I liked to stay with them. They cared nicely. I thank them lots.

3 meses atrás

Rozina respondido

Thank you uncle so much for your thinking about us. Thanks a lot and hope to see you and welcome again at our organization.
Thanks a lot uncle.


If there's anything that I can say about Nepal Volunteers Hand it's that I have found a family in chitwan in their family. Best, best, Best hosts EVVEEEERR!

12 meses atrás

Rozina respondido

Thank you my dear sister for your stay with us. We all hope to see you again sister.

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