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Oportocean Hostel gives ours guests the opportunity not only to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the nothern shore but also to discover the beautiful city of Porto as well as its culture and traditions.
Located at only 800 meters from the beach and close to the City Park and the Hospital Pedro Hispano's metro station, it allows our guests to enroll in a varied range of activities as surfing, walking and cicling.

Our Hostel has currently 4 staff members beside the volunteers. One being the owner, other 2 working at the reception (one girl from Brazil and a guy from Iran) and one lady who cleans the private rooms sides. The Hostel has a very friendly and welcoming vibe and it feels almost like home due to its relaxed ambient. Ours guests can expect to be treated with much respect and be received with a warmth welcoming. The Oportocean Family is growing day after day we hope it continues growing. So far it has been an amazing journey getting to know people from all over the world and we hope to meet many more.


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The accommodation for volunteers was inadequate, with limited privacy and comfort as we had to sleep in an attic without proper beds or secured doors. The workload was as expected; however, our experience deteriorated after an incident of food poisoning. Despite notifying the staff, we were publicly accused of lying in the group chat and unfairly expected to work on our designated day off, leading to our decision to leave early, this also happened to the other volunteer. While Porto is a lovely city, we do not recommend this workplace due to poor treatment and management. /Malva & Sara

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João respondido

Sara and Malva are very good workers, they always completed the tasks according to what we asked. We are very flexible with everything, even when it comes to schedules. If they wanted Saturdays and Sundays off, they just had to ask us, however, we don't accept people who blatantly lie to us, as was the case. We have cameras and we saw how they arrived at 4 o'clock in the morning. And like we said, we're all adults and luckily we don't need people who don't meet the requirements.
Thank you very much and I wish you good things for your future! Oportocean Team



The staff was very nice and welcoming, I had some very nice conversations with them ! The work isn't too bad although it is tiring. The hours are good, and you still get a moderate amount of free time. Overall a good experience, but definitely don't come here expecting luxury. At the end of the day, it is hard work. I would say the only down side is that you won't be meeting a lot of people. The hostel doesn't really have any social spaces/events and is quite far out of the center of the city.

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I had a lovely staying here. The owners were respectful and welcoming. The tasks were easy to do and discussed in advanced. Everything were great!😊

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I felt very good, very respected. Usually you have Monday and Tuesday /Tuesday and Wednesday /Thursday and Friday off. Which is great!!! Two consecutive days off are always reccomendable to go elsewhere (as I did one tap in Peniche one time and the other time in Lisbon)

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Eu tive uma recepção acolhedora e muito agradável por outros voluntários que, foram solidários, atenciosos e carinhosos comigo. ✨⭐️
Também fiz amizades com pessoas incríveis e maravilhosas que estavam sempre presentes e disposta a trocar experiências.

Próximo ao hostel, tem um parque agradável para quem gosta de fazer caminhadas e se conectar com a natureza, próximo à praia, também , da estação de metrô. 🚉🛤️

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