Organic Farmhouse Cheese

We are making several kind of farmhouse cheese and milking cows twice a day.If you are interested to dairy life and making cheese also dairy product such a yogurt ,butter etc. that is the place you can learn .We are 1.5 km away from Fermoy town There is cafe ,pubs ,market What you need you can find it. There is always 2-3 student from abroad and you have own your room.Student house is separate and in farm.

You will have breakfast and dinner on working days. There is wifi in the student house. If you would like to learn any stuff about dairy farming and dairy product We teach and show you. At the moment, due to covid restrictions, we are taking no student from America (North or South) and Spain.


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I had so much fun here and the 5 weeks went so fast. I had never been on a dairy farm before so everything was new to me. Frank was great with explaining how the farm worked and Gudrun cooks the best food. I found it so fascinating learning how to make cheese and yogurt. And I will definitely miss the cows....and the dogs....and the cats....and the cheese

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Gran experiencia ...mi mes ha sido super feliz en la granja de Frank... aprendí muchas cosas gracias a todas las personas de la granja ...Atakan, Gudrum ...Lorenzo.. sin duda volveré. Recomiendo esta experiencia al 100%. Compartí de muy buen ambiente con los otros voluntarios.

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