Our land is located in a beautiful place in the south of Italy. We are surrounded by nature and we are really connect to it. If you are looking for a really peaceful spot, but are also willing to learn more about how to work with the nature, this is your place!

We have a lot of tasks to do, but we always do it with a lot of love and respect for the nature and what is provided to us. We expect the volunteers to really help us with the various tasks we have, but we also want to connect with them and that they can enjoy and appreciate our beautiful place!

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Wow! My time at Isca was absolutely brilliant. From the moment I arrived, Iris (and everyone else in Isca) was so kind and welcoming and I felt completely at home. There is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the nature (including a waterfall and the beach!), the village, and surrounding towns. The work is physical at times, but it is always very rewarding to see the results of your work, and Iris always makes time for an espresso and snack break! It was lovely to cook together as a group of volunteers, and the living set up was dreamy. I really had the most amazing time, and highly recommend it!

hace 13 días



The experience was amazing! Iris and other people were kind, always willing to help, open. They made me feel so safe from the very beginning. The atmosphere was magical. I really enjoyed cooking together, our family dinners and long talks. This place is surreal to look at. We lived on a hill with a view on the beautiful village and sea. You can also go to the river, waterfall. The work was physical and quite tiring but it really pays off also for your health. You are surrounded by nature all the time which is great. I learnt a lot there. I will be forever grateful that I got this chance!

hace 20 días



Isca is the perfect balance between work and nature. It's a nice place for enjoy the silent of nature, some physical work and a good spot for reseting your mind. Iris is very kind and she's alwayd caring! You will be part of the italian culture for a while. I really recommend this experience! ✨

hace 26 días



It is a sensory experience, seeing yourself surrounded by nature, and a social experience, connecting with wonderful people. It was physically and mentally transformative, for the better. I will carry it in my heart as something beautiful. I just left the place and I missed it. It is incomparable.

hace 1 mes



This was my first worldpackers trip and also my first time visiting Calabria, so I had no idea how my experience would be like. And it turned out to be the best experience I could ever have! Iris is the such a warmhearted, empowering person and not only did I learn about farming, but also about her inspiring life and the beauty of humanity and more. All of these are truly lifetime lessons! Iris communicates clearly about plans/instructions of the task and in the afternoon she sometimes asks us to join her to the market or to the beach:) For nature lovers this place is truly a paradise✨

hace 4 meses

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