Papa Sao Farm

Welcome to my small organic farm, situated in my Karen Hill Tribe village, Khoon Sab, between Paï and Chiang Maï.

My name is Papa Sao and I am Karen people.

In my farm you can live surrounded by nature and experience the daily life of local people. I will teach you permaculture, jungle survival techniques, karen clothes and how to use bamboo to build, cook and make instruments!

The work you do is 100% up to you. I love to welcome people to my farm, get to know their stories and share mine with them!

We have received a number of volunteers from around the world. Please be a part of our family. Be HAPPY - living the simple life on Papa Sao's Farm. What to bring? - Toiletries - Torch/Flashlight - Simple clothing / Sandals - Insect repellent - and HAPPY heart. Here, you can learn (by doing) about: - Karen culture and lifestyle - Organic farming, and fishing - How to use plants as food and medicine - How to make traditional clothes, baskets, music… - Karen Carving - Karen cooking with forest food! - How to be HAPPY in a simple life! - The amount of work you do and what is 100% up to you!


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I spent 10 days at the Papasao farm, and it was a great experience! Papasao is eager to share his culture and is happy to explain everything to us. His farm is a haven of peace, perfect for reconnecting. I'd definitely recommend it if you're ready to step out of your comfort zone 🙂

hace 15 días



Most amazing experience of my life. PapaSao is so welcoming and creates such a good atmosphere for everyone. I planned to stay for 5 days but ended up staying for 2 weeks. I'll definitely come back just like a few people I met there :) PapaSao is an amazing chef and uses organic food from the farm and around the village. Especially the trips to the jungle were amazing. And don't forget to ask him to take you to the hot springs! I cannot recommend it enough for everyone. You'll meet so many great people and PapaSao is just the best.

hace 2 meses



One of the best experiences of my life. Papasao welcomes you to his farm like family. He is loving, respectful and a lot of fun. He takes the time to cook for you, teach you about his farm, nature and culture, and with luck you even get to know his family. One of the highlights is definitely the contact with nature, as the farm is surrounded by peace and quite.

hace 6 meses

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