Paradanusorn School

We are located in a rural area of Thailand. Here you can experience the REAL THAILAND. Uttaradit is the second friendliest City in Thailand. People are so friendly and keen to get to know you. Our kids (pupils) are happy to learn from you and give you many hugs to say Thank You for teaching them English or Chinese.

We are a family run school for mainly poor or low income families. Our school is basic but has a typical Thai charm. The Teachers and pupils are welcoming you anytime and you will experience something tourist would never see or gain. Please note that we are unable to provide free accommodation.

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The teaching experience at Paradanusorn school is above and beyond my expectations at is has everything I have been looking for- from English teaching to exploring the city and making new friends. We only taught for three hours in a day and free for rest of the day. Everything is so meticulously planned by Peter- a pre arrival presentation about the volunteer activity at school, pick up and drop at train station, the daily schedule at school, day and night activities. Peter moves to host people and puts all his efforts to make your stay comfortable. I highly recommend this experience

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Paradanusorn school has really make an impact in my life. The full experience has been brilliant: meeting new people, interact with the local culture, enjoying time with the kids, trying new and amazing food and enjoying the Uttaradit life. I would never forget these 20 days. I could grow as a teacher, learn many new things and also grow as a person. Forever grateful! :)

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I was in your place two months ago and I
was not sure to do that. Now, I have an advice for you : If you hesitate, Go ! It was my first experience as a volonteer and it was better than I can excepted. Peter is a happy and really wonderfull person who makes sure you have everything you need. He tales a lot of time with volonteers to Go to restaurant, temple, night market,… the volonteer mission was so amazing, childrens wants love and hug. Don’t hesitate anymore !

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This was best experience. Peter , the host,it’s great with all the activities, in school (he has everything organised and are very nice and always trying to help the volunteers ) and after the school (he organised as much as he can activities , just going to cafes, museums, waterfalls, etc).
Theaching English in the school was very nice and you don’t have to worry about anything, Peter always have your back and he helps with everything, the kids , they are very nice and very welcome!
The accommodation it’s really good.
I even end up staying more time in this school and have a Tesol course

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It was perfect!!! The volunteer In the Schöll and the Team was friendly, open mind and we worked together. At he Schöol the childrens are lovely and curiós. The teacher do not speak english but are interested tô teach, learn and work together. Peter did the best for us, we had a lot of contact with Thaí culture. They are peacefull and harmonia. the lunch was simple and good. I loved!!!

Everything is possible, just believe and it happens.

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