We are a 1 acre permaculture smallholding growing a variety of fruit and vegetables in mixed poly-cultures. We also forage a lot of our food in the wild and eat many of our weeds. If you are interested in learning about REAL natural food production, we are your place.

We are a 50-something couple. We have hosted hundreds of volunteers and couchsurfers through various channels over the years. We expect anyone joining us to become part of our little micro-community and show independence and initiative. We like people to find their own niche and see jobs that need to be done, rather than us having to constantly find you something to do. We also occasionally need responsible people house sitting for us during short periods we are away.

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That's a really nice place to have contact with nature and to know the friendly Portaferry! Heiko and Susan are lovely!

1 mes atrás


This was a very laid back experience. Heiko and Susan did not give much guidance. The farm is very overgrown and the house is dirty. Heiko and Susan were very welcoming and generous with their space and food. They departed for a convergence while I was there and me and the other volunteer were left in charge of the animals( a dog, cat and chickens). This was a lovely experience because it enabled us to have some down time and we knew what was expected of us. Lots of reading time.

4 meses atrás


Permaferry was our first experience like worldpackers. It was great. We were receive by Heiko and his wife Susan very well, they were so kind with us, we really felt welcome there.we had a great time together, sharing meals and making nights happy with Heiko's music! Permaferry is a great place very sustainable, it shows you how you can live permaculture in your own garden. The place it's peaceful and quiet. It's ideal for whom looks for tranquility

1 año atrás

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