We are a 1 acre permaculture smallholding growing a variety of fruit and vegetables in mixed poly-cultures. We also forage a lot of our food in the wild and eat many of our weeds. If you are interested in learning about REAL natural food production, we are your place.

We are also in the process of setting up an eco-village 2 miles from our property. Building has not yet begun, but we have started planting young trees. This year we will be spending a lot of time planting more trees and maintaining the ones already planted.

We prefer volunteers with a reasonable level of English. Our system is complex and we have had too many incidences of people not understanding instructions correctly and 'weeding' out actual food plants.

We are a 60-something couple. We have hosted hundreds of volunteers and couchsurfers through various channels over the years. We expect anyone joining us to become part of our little micro-community and show independence and initiative. We like people to find their own niche and see jobs that need to be done, rather than us having to constantly find you something to do. We prefer to macro-manage rather than micro-manage, so if you are somebody who needs precise and detailed instructions, we are not your place. You get from the experience what you make from it. We also occasionally need responsible people house sitting for us during short periods we are away. Specifically we will need somebody for October 2023.


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I had a lovely stay with Heiko and Susan on their farm. The work load was light and I found many of the tasks meditative. This experience is exactly what i needed right now and I am truly grateful for it. The microclimate of the peninsula was surprisingly pleasant. (Best weather I have experienced on the island of Ireland). In addition, it was great working in an environment without the worries of snakes and ticks around . Lastly, it was a delight playing with their border collie Finn each day . I hope to come back to Northern Ireland one day to see how their eco village turns out .ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

hace 3 días



Mi estancia con Heiko y Susan ha sido simplemente maravillosa. Son dos muy buenas personas con las que es muy fácil convivir. Se preocupan por ti y quieren que estés a gusto. Las conversaciones con ellos son siempre muy interesantes y divertidas.
Estar con ellos es como sentir la paz del hogar. Llevan un estilo de vida tranquilo y la casa está llena de naturaleza y verdor. Es un lugar muy bonito para vivir. Además, el perro Finn es muy bueno y cariñoso.
Sobre todo recomiendo este lugar por lo amables y hospitalarios que son Heiko y Susan. Durante este tiempo he sido un irlandés más. Gracias

hace 16 días



Staying at Heiko's was a blast! He and Susan were awesome hosts, always up for a chat. Despite the weather, hanging out with them was a highlight. And Finn, their playful dog, was a joy to be around—always ready to play fetch! Heiko's cooking was top-notch, and daily beach or park walks with him and Finn were energizing and relaxing. The house wasn't clean and this the only thing I would change. And using a compost toilet might be a problem for some people, but it's all part of the eco-friendly vibe Heiko's got going. Keep an open mind, and you'll have a great time!

hace 3 meses



Heiko and Susan and both lovely people who will make sure you are very comfortable! The accommodation is comfortable and the work is very light and flexible! I truly have nothing but positive things to say about this experience and would recommend for anyone looking to relax and learn new things!

hace 4 meses



Heiko and Susan are both generous and warm hearted, besides providing a nice room to sleep and variety of good food to fill you up(many of them are fresh from the gardens!), they also care your feeling and daily life. You could learn a lot if you are interested in permaculture, ecovillage, foraging, even cooking, music or anything as Heiko is knowledgeable and full of life experience. The works are neither difficult nor heavy, the schedule is flexible, most of the time I work on my own and at my own pace. I feel very trusted. It would absolut be an unforgettable experience in my life.

hace 9 meses

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