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Winter mood: volunteers with artistic knowledges are welcome (pottery, painting, sculpture...). Also interests in knowing more about astrology, ayurveda, meditation, music. Only one volunteer at the time.

Spring mood: the soil in the garden will be prepared, olive trees, fruit trees and bushes will be pruined. Two volunteers at the time from March.

The place is in the area of Radicondoli, Province Siena.
The next train station is in Poggibonsi, 52 mins by car, to reach our beautiful place. You are welcome to travel by train or by car (so you can discover the region by yourself).
Our place is secluded and the next bigger village is called Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina is a 15 minutes drive, where you can get really good Aperol Spritz at the piazza and all other important stuff, such as groceries. The minimum stay is two week.
Around an hour drive to Florence or Siena is definitely a good choice to visit bigger cities for sightseeing, museums or some decent shopping.
Radicondoli is a small historical, beautiful village where you can have great dinner, lovely people, good drinks.
Next to us, you can go for horse riding with nice trails through nature and explore lonely paths.

The goal for 2023 is to slowly try to become selfsustainable with the food we produce. We increased the land we dedicate to the veggy garden. Experienced people with ideas and knowledges are needed but more then anything else a positive, active, healthy attitidue is highly required as we can all learned something from each other. You have a small cozy room with a single bed in the flat which Alberto lives in and there is a double bedroom next door for two more volunteers. He is taking care of the property and you will spend most of the time with him. There is another flat in the house, where a couple lives in. There are also two other residents "Due", the cat and "Timo" the dog. Timo is always up for play but doesn't mind a nice cuddle as well. About Alberto: Alberto is a friendly and calm person, who´s from the north of Italy and felt in love with the Tuscan region. His English is good. Alberto will cook together you lunch and dinner depending on his schedule that will be discussed. Since Pantaneto is quite a remote spot, you are welcome to spend your time with us, having a rental car or own car. If not, Alberto will pick you up at the bus station nearby and you would then obviously need to rely on Alberto for any further movements.


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Alberto me recibió con los brazos abiertos, mostrándome una forma distinta de vida más ética y sostenible. El trabajo depende de la temporada en que vayas, pero siempre era respetando los tiempos acordados. La casa cuenta con un gato y un perro muy cariñosos, además de 4 gallinas en el patio.
El sitio queda lejos todo, por lo que es un muy buen lugar para desconectarse de todo. Con Alberto tuvimos un mal entendido, pero con comunicación todo se pudo resolver. Me llevo de esta experiencia mucho cariño y aprecio por el proyecto de vida que sostiene.

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It was truly sad to read that above all the remarcalbe memories we made, for Maria Ignacia it will be the missunderstanding she has created by leaving me for a three days trip without saying hello and more over without answering to my message "are you going to come back?" to take the attention of the readers. :(
After all I picked her up from the bus station and I kindly explainded her that she was free to go if not in the mood to stay. She then started to cry and told me that that was none of her intentions and she felt sorry I was worried for two days not knowing what she was going to do. She clearly didn't realized anything. Of course I forgave her.
We ended up having an other 10 days of getting along very well together doing lots of things, visiting places, having meals out and with friends, working at the ceramic, finally picking up the routine and eyoing the place... all well dressed with amazing conversations.
A little tiny black spot in a super super positive experience that personally I would have never mentioned and easy to forget thanks to the very positive experience I had.
Maria Ignacia is the most welcomed person in my house and I was very sad to say goodbye to her at the end.

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Alberto was a wonderful and welcoming host! He would help through every step of what is expected of you and go above and beyond to bring you a local and unique experience. He is understanding when things don’t go as planned, and is always willing to help with whatever you might need.

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It was a great experience generally speaking, i felt disconnected of the constant rush of the city. This place was surrounded by hills and tiny villages, we went to some and played music with local people which was such an amazing experience for me.The daily routine at the farm wasn't too heavy most of the time, you can learn a lot and also rest and enjoy the place as well.In the other hand, We had some communication's differences with Alberto that we carry throughout our stay there but at the end, it couldn't affect the positive vibes of this volunteering. Thanks Alberto for all you did.

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Thank you Georgina, I only have good memories about the time we spent together. The pizza night, a lot of music, and your very active attitude around the house. I apriciated it. Very special time. :)



Initially I enjoyed this experience but we had a disagreement towards the end and the host asked me and the other volunteer to leave early. I did not expect to be asked to clean a different property to the one we were staying in. I did enjoy the farm work, planting and weeding the vegetable garden. I did every job I was asked to do including cleaning a pool. The location is beautiful. The room I slept in had no door and was dirty when I arrived. The host made some comments that made me uncomfortable. The location is very remote. I would not recommend women to apply here.

hace 9 meses

Pier Alberto respondido

Read my profile for more details. Joanne is a bad person with many problems. Hope she will find a good therapist that will help her. I could not. After spending a lot of time talking to her I could only ask her to leave. Very bad experience.



Alberto's house is surrounded by the dreamlike landscape of Tuscany. 🌻 Working hours were respected and the work was varied. I enjoyed the manual work very much. Work in the garden is sometimes hard, but always rewarding. Alberto is a very good cook, he offered us many regional and seasonal dishes. Unfortunately, we had a few disagreements during my time there and I didn’t always feel valued. I would have liked to have been treated more openly and respectfully.
Nevertheless, I was able to make great new experiences and he planned many extraordinary activities for which I am very grateful. 🦋

hace 10 meses

Pier Alberto respondido

Julia is a very nice and hard working person. We had a good time and made good memories despite the fact that we weren't always animated by the same rhythm. A few unconvinients and missunderstanding I feel like apologising about. I am happy about this experiece with her above all and I would defeninely feel like recommend her for a future host. Thank you Julia :)

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