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You will have unforgettable memories about Prague while staying with us. You will definitely enjoy your time here, we have a great vibe! We have a comfortable and fun environment, it is a great opportunity for someone who wants to make friends, and enjoy Prague and its great nightlife!

We are all good friends and like meeting people from all over the world, have fun and enjoy Prague! If you are an easygoing, sociable and love to travel and explore something new you are always welcome to be a part of our team :)

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All these good reviews are no exaggeration! :) Post Hostel Prague is one of the best hostels I have found on my trip and I have been like Worldpackers.
The structure is amazing, great beds, leisure areas, guests who become friends, the staff is amazing! They make you and every guest feel like you are at home :)
Prague is the city I loved the most in my Eurotrip! and being at the Post Hostel made my trip perfect. The work is relatively simple, may have more or less work depending on the tourism season. The conviviality with the guests is very important.

17 días atrás


Post Hostel was great! A beautiful friendly team, great beds btw, work was fun and chill, other volunteers in cleaning finished up in just a few hours and we had the rest of the day to watch movies or go for a walk in Prague...I finally never tried playing FIFA with you guys 😂 maybe next time ♥️

22 días atrás


Everything about the hostel I like it! I feel like home, met a lot of people during the position; and also, task are easy so I would definitely recommend this place for volunteer!

23 días atrás


Amazing time! I had a lots of fun! They respect the volunteer's hours! They really want you to engage with the guest what made my time there really fun! The staff is amazing! Kisses Robert, Abdul, Gerard!!!! Seen you again!!!!

29 días atrás


The experience was great! I had the chance to offer something that I love to do: Photography and Videography, in exchange of more than being hosted. I arrived as a volunteer, and I left with more friends for life. I highly recommend!

2 meses atrás

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