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You can spend your days off at the beach or site seeing around Malta. We are located in the heart of Paceville with clubs and parties happening everyday. It is a really great way to meet a lot of people.

We are like a family here with around 2 - 3 volunteers at a time. We have 2 permanent staff who are here around the clock. We try to be as friendly as we can, so people enjoy their stay with us.


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My first worldpackers couldn't be better, really!!
All people from staff are amazing, I don't have words to show my gratitude! Thank you a lot, Aldo, Nick and Steve!! I've made many friends here and I will keep them for all my life! Family PV hostel, forever! Thanks guys!
See you soon!

1 día atrás


some("I had a great time in PV Hostel! The volunteers are a family, and the hosts are really nice people, caring about you. They respect how many hours volunteers work, always trying to create a good schedule for everybody. The hostel is in a really central area, close to shops, supermarkets, pubs and beaches. Thank you guys, specially to Aldo, Nick and Steve :)")

3 días atrás


Pv hostel is amazing! I spent 1 month there and I had a really great time. I met people from all over the world, exchanged experience, partied, but the most important I think was that I learned. How to deal with guests, be responsible with your tasks and also the real purpose of Worldpackers. Aldo is the best manager, he knows how to be your friend, how to ask you to get things done and he also gives you autonomy. Nick and steve are also always there to help you. I truly recommend this experience :)

6 días atrás


I had an amazing experience at the PV hostel. Will definitely recommend it. Special thank to Steve, Nick and Aldo, very kind and easy going persons. The task are easy and flexible, you will have plenty of time to get to know the city and explore the beaches. I'm grateful for the amazing friends I made and also for the team's patient and dedication :) you guys are the best!

7 días atrás


some("The Pv Hostel was amazing. I got a new family there! The city is really fun and the staff is helpful. Aldo is always there ready to teach and help as much as possible with respect and patience, one of the best manager I ever knew . Nick it was a great and clear teacher. The hours in f work was really good and they respect this a lot! The work is really simple and flexible! I definitely recommend! Thank u anh guys! ")

11 días atrás

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